Would you re-nationalise the energy companies?MoneySaving Poll Results


Poll Started 30 November 2010:

Would you re-nationalise the energy companies?

In 1986 British Gas was privatised and floated on the stock market. Millions of 'Sid' shareholders got windfall profits at the time, in a massive deregulation of the gas and electricity market.

Now 24 years on, with price rises hitting again, has privatisation worked? Some complain that prices have risen too high, but is that offset by market efficiencies?

Which of these is closest to your view?


Keep privatised the free market's status quo is more efficient443 votes (5 %)
Re-nationalise it should be taken back into public ownership4,716 votes (56 %)
Regulate prices keep it private but price rises should be controlled by the regulator3,290 votes (39 %)

                   8,449 votes received.

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