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Poll started 30 Dec 2008:

Fantasy Chancellor II… now it's political

Last week it was the turn of a range of celebrities, and the battle was hard-fought between the Dragons (see result).

This week, which current sitting member of parliament, irrelevant of political party, do you think would make the best Chancellor?


A. Gordon Brown.825 votes (21 %)
B. Vince Cable.1,327 votes (34 %)
C. David Cameron.201 votes (5 %)
D. Kenneth Clarke.698 votes (18 %)
E. Nick Clegg.61 votes (2 %)
F. Alastair Darling.93 votes (2 %)
G. Ieuan Wyn Jones.27 votes (1 %)
H. Peter Mandelson.79 votes (2 %)
I. Lembit Opik.88 votes (2 %)
J. George Osborne.215 votes (6 %)
K. Alex Salmond.126 votes (3 %)
L. Another MP (discuss).126 votes (3 %)

                   3,866 votes received.

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