The MSE Leaders’ Debate - Pick the key subjects for PM candidatesMoneySaving Poll Results


Seven party leaders have agreed to take written questions on consumer finance issues – Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP, Green, SNP & Plaid. Here’s our subject shortlist, some from us, some suggested by you – voting isn’t about whether you agree with the issue, but if you want them to answer it.

Choose up to 5 questions you want them to be asked.


Boost savings rates: What will you do to improve returns for savers?3,095 votes (38 %)
Council tax: 400,000ish homes are in the wrong band in Eng & Scot, will you reband?883 votes (11 %)
Cut childcare costs: How will you make it more affordable for parents to work?1,518 votes (19 %)
Cut petrol costs: Roughly 60% of petrol is tax, will you cut this amount?3,112 votes (39 %)
Financial education: Will you strengthen financial education on the national curriculum?1,933 votes (24 %)
Give renters rights: How will you protect tenants from unfair fees and charges?1,382 votes (17 %)
Holidays during term time: Should parents be allowed to take their kids out of school for two weeks a year with no fine?1,810 votes (22 %)
Introduce mansion tax: Do you plan to introduce an extra tax for higher value homes?1,361 votes (17 %)
Mental health & debt: What resources will you invest to help those with mental health problems avoid debt crisis?1,831 votes (23 %)
Pensions: How will you support an adequate standard of living in retirement?3,485 votes (43 %)
PPI: Are you happy with the way banks have handled the PPI mis-selling scandal and is it time those responsible are prosecuted for fraud?330 votes (4 %)
Protect mortgage costs: Standard variable rates are now around 4% above the base rate - if interest rates rise for many it’ll be unaffordable, what would you do to help?1,482 votes (18 %)
Renationalise energy firms: Is it time to renationalise or dictate prices to energy providers?2,606 votes (32 %)
Scrap bedroom tax: How would you change the current system and rates?1,748 votes (22 %)
Scrap inheritance tax: How would you change the current system and rates?2,420 votes (30 %)
Scrap unfair train ticketing system: Will you reform how tickets are sold and truly ensure train operators always sell passengers the cheapest available fare?1,735 votes (22 %)
Scrap zero-hour contracts: Should they be scrapped, if not, how would you control them?3,084 votes (38 %)
Student living & tuition fees: What will you do to tuition fees & how would you deal with unaffordable living costs while at uni?1,499 votes (19 %)
The Green Deal: Will you keep this scheme in its current form and how much will be in it?703 votes (9 %)

8,046 people have selected 36,017 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

We try to use technology to limit voting to one per person. Occasionally, this may erroneously block a few people's votes (eg, from shared offices). Apologies for that.