Is the BBC licence fee worth it? MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 31 July 2007:

Is the BBC licence fee worth it?

The TV licence fee costs £135.50 a year for any home with a colour TV, and pays for the BBC - that's TV, radio, regional programmes and BBC online.

Is it worth it? Which of these is nearest to your view?


A. Yes. The BBC consistently produces quality output. 895 votes (7 %)
B. Yes. Mainly due to BBC radio though. 283 votes (2 %)
C. Yes. Public service broadcasting as a concept is important. 621 votes (5 %)
D. Yes. It's a good buffer against government and tabloid power. 148 votes (1 %)
E. Yes. If nothing else just so I donít have to watch ads. 390 votes (3 %)
F. Yes. All of the above. 1,538 votes (13 %)
G. Yes. Other reason. 73 votes (1 %)
H. No. It's too costly, halve the price and its budget. 996 votes (8 %)
I. No. The BBC does nothing for me, I'd stop using it to save £135.50. 1,500 votes (12 %)
J. No. I pay for Sky already, it's ridiculous. 1,378 votes (11 %)
K. No. Only BBC online is good, and I'd happily see it have ads. 287 votes (2 %)
L. No. It's another tax, why should the BBC be so special? 2,145 votes (18 %)
M. No. All of the above. 1,610 votes (13 %)
N. No. Other reason. 317 votes (3 %)

                   12,181 votes received.

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