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Poll Started 31 August 2010:

What's a necessity in modern living?

Traditionally it was just food, shelter & clothing, yet official definitions of child poverty in the UK are now part-based on how close to 'average income' a family have, showing things have changed.

Which of these household items are a necessity for a family with school-aged children in the UK?


A. Basic TV7,394 votes (49 %)
B. Boiler (Hot water)13,431 votes (89 %)
C. Central Heating10,638 votes (70 %)
D. Cooker13,381 votes (89 %)
E. Computer with web access 6,812 votes (45 %)
F. Dishwasher895 votes (6 %)
G. Fridge & Freezer12,962 votes (86 %)
H. Games Console556 votes (4 %)
I. Home phone7,163 votes (47 %)
J. Microwave3,380 votes (22 %)
K. Mobile phones3,424 votes (23 %)
L. Satellite/Cable TV921 votes (6 %)
M. Washing Machine12,382 votes (82 %)

15,107 people have selected 93,339 options (percentages are the number who voted for that topic of the total people who have voted, so won't add up to 100%).

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