What is cooking?MoneySaving Poll Results

Poll Started 31 Dec 2007:

What is cooking?

Modern life’s changed; while many Old Style MoneySavers still cook every ounce of a meal, getting the best possible value out of every morsel of food, many more favour convenience allowing the supermarkets a role in dinner’s preparation.

Scan down the list… which is the first point you would say is “cooking”?


A. Microwave meal: Popping a full ready meal in the microwave. 155 votes (3 %)
B. Oven ready meal: Heating a full ready meal in the oven. 95 votes (2 %)
C. Full pre-prepared meal: Where all elements need heating in different ways.581 votes (10 %)
D. Using pre-made sauces: You prep the food but use all ready made flavourings.2,268 votes (37 %)
E. Every bit home made: You make every element from constituent ingredients. 3,011 votes (49 %)

                   6,110 votes received.

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