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How much of your shopping is now online?
Earlier this year, a committee of MPs warned that city centres are in danger of becoming 'ghost towns' due to the success of online retailers. So how many of you still shop in stores vs online? (Count click-and-collect as online shopping.) Please select one option CLOSEST to your view, EXCLUDING GROCERIES AND BIG ONE-OFFS (such as cars or holidays).

What should be means-tested? Free bus passes, the NHS, student loans?
Which of the following allowances and entitlements do you think should be means-tested based on your income/wealth – in other words the richest don’t get it or get less. And which do you think everyone should get regardless?

Have you been scammed & did you tell anyone?
This week two major new anti-scam ads initiatives launched on the back of Martin’s lawsuit against Facebook. Scams are getting more professional, from phone calls pretending to be from banks to scam ads online. Have you been a victim and if so did you declare it? Which of these is CLOSEST to your situation?

Where are you going on holiday this summer (if at all)?
The big summer getaway is on. So what are your plans? Please select one option CLOSEST to your situation (if you’ve more than one holiday planned, answer for the main one).

Do you get job satisfaction?
Is there a link, whether positive or negative, between how much you are paid and how much satisfaction your work gives you? Please select one option CLOSEST to your view.

Have you tried to reclaim PPI? And if not, why not?
There are only two months left to reclaim PPI (Reclaim for Free here). So we wanted to test whether you’ve done it, and if not, why not? Please select the option which is CLOSEST to your situation.

Do you have a joint bank account with your partner?
Back in the day, the huge majority of (then married) couples had joint accounts. But what about now? If you're in a couple living together – which of these is CLOSEST to your situation?

How much do you spend on wedding gifts?
There are of course many variables – where the wedding is, what they’ve asked for, whether you’re going to the whole day or just the reception, and your relationship with the couple. Yet if possible please estimate in EVERY category.

How do you rate your bank’s app?
If you access your current account by app, please rate it. Just the app, not the overall bank (if you use more than one app, rate them all). - Features: Does it have more than just basic transactions, eg, budgeting and spending categories - Usability: How easy is it to use? Can you do everything you want via the app?

What do you buy second-hand?
It's cheap, and environmentally friendly, yet some people think only new will do. Please select ALL of the items that you would be happy to buy second-hand, if it was decent quality and cheaper.

How much do you spend on your pet(s) per year?
They may provide love and joy, but keeping a pet doesn't come fur free. Whether you've a Kitty, Rover or Nemo, we want to know how much ewe spend on your pet(s) purr year, including on food, insurance, vet costs, clothes, toys, dog walking, kennels and owt else. Please vote in the relevant categories (or dogegories) depending on the pets you have. If you have more than one of a type, please do the annual cost PER pet.

How do you rate your energy provider’s recent service?
Now it's warmed up, it’s a good time to reappraise what your energy provider's service was like over the winter. Please rate your current supplier's SERVICE (not price) IN THE LAST SIX MONTHS (try to forget issues from before). If you've gas & elec with different firms, rate both. (And while service is important, so too is price - so do a five-min comparison to see if you can save.)

How much time does your personal admin take?
We all have to do it – deal with bills, bank online, book travel and holidays, file letters and receipts, collect vouchers, sort out problems with the home, cope with tax credits and benefits, manage kids' school requests and more. How much time do you spend in a TYPICAL WEEK on personal admin (excluding cleaning your home/gardening)? If you don't do it by the week but save it up, then proportion it as if per week.

Should 1p and 2p pieces be ditched?
A year ago, the Chancellor called 1p and 2p coins obsolete. This week, he'll announce his decision on whether to scrap them (it's expected he won't). The likes of Australia, Canada and Sweden have already ditched their copper equivalents, so should the UK follow suit? Please select one option CLOSEST to your view.

Are you part of the cashless society? How often do you use cash?
For some people, the days of keeping cash in their pockets are long gone. Contactless cards especially mean many transactions can just be done with a ‘beep’. So we wanted to test how cashless our society is now, and who’s using it. Please tell us which option is NEAREST to your situation.

Are you financially better off than your parents at your age?
The world is richer than it used to be, but do you feel it? Taking into account financial wealth and income (and factoring in inflation), overall how do you think you stand compared with your parents? Are you financially better off than your parents at your age?

Have you ever asked for a pay rise?
The gender pay gap is in the news again. Normally in the consumer world if you’re unhappy with something, you should politely complain. We wanted to test whether this applies in the world of work too. Have you ever asked for a pay rise (disregarding any company-wide annual rises)? Please select the CLOSEST option to your situation.

Do you have credit cards and how do you use them?
Credit cards are like fire. Used right they are a useful tool, but get it wrong and they burn. So we want to test how you use them. Please select ONE option under the relevant category closest to your position.

How do you FEEL Brexit will affect your personal finances over the next few years?
The UK's exit from the EU has now been delayed until at least 12 April (see our 25 Brexit need-to-knows). We wanted to test your gut reaction about Brexit and its effect on your pocket, rather than the specifics. So how do you FEEL your finances will be affected over the next few years – which of these is closest to your view?

Should the contactless card spending limit be increased?
Two in five card payments are now made using contactless – up 31% in 2018. Yet the maximum amount you can spend using contactless is just £30 (barring some using Apple Pay), which is done to cap spending if someone takes your card. What would you like the limit per transaction to be?

At what age do you realistically hope to retire?
Early retirement talk was once all the rage. Now, with the state pension age rising (to 67 by 2028), retirement expectations are changing rapidly. Please select one option CLOSEST to your realistic hopes for completely giving up work.

How do you rate your bank account's service?
Every six months we ask for your help to track the quality of customer service provided by banks. By comparing your answers with last time, we can see which have got better or worse. So, please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS. Ignore rates or any other products, and service if it's more than six months old.

Have you haggled with Sky, BT, the AA and more this year? Did you succeed?
Haggling can provide big savings – on anything from digital TV and broadband to credit cards, breakdown cover and insurance. Each year we try to gauge the success rates of those who've done it. So please let us know whether you've gained cheaper prices, extra goods, better deals or reduced interest. Which of these firms have you tried to haggle with IN THE LAST YEAR? (Select as many as you want from the major providers below.)

How do you rate your broadband provider?
We can tell you which are the cheapest broadband providers, but to keep our customer service ratings updated, we need your help. Please rate your BROADBAND provider on customer service (not price) over the past SIX MONTHS. Switched broadband recently? Rate the provider you were with the longest over the last SIX MONTHS.

Is it OK to use a 2for1 voucher on a first date?
Love is in the air… well, maybe, it's the week of Valentine's Day at least, so time for our traditional poll. Is it acceptable to use a 2for1 restaurant voucher on a first date? We've asked this in previous years – so let's see if attitudes have changed. (PS: Yes we know splitting the bill is a valid option too, but that's a poll for another day…) Imagine David asks Alex to dinner on a first date, saying he’ll pay. When the bill comes, David whips out a 2for1 voucher – what advice would you give Alex?

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