Peter Kay the nation’s choice of comedy PM (sorry Boris)

A poll of over 9,000 picks out which comedian should run the country

Peter Kay the nation’s choice of comedy PM (sorry Boris)

A poll of over 9,000 picks out which comedian should run the country

Politics is a funny business. No surprise then that the Guatemalan president, the leader of Italy’s Five Star Movement and a previous mayor of Reykjavik are all former comedians. In the UK, some of our top comedians have political aspirations too: Sandi Toksvig is a founder of the Women’s Equality Party, Al Murray ran for the South Thanet seat against Nigel Farage in the 2015 general election, Eddie Izzard has spoken of a desire to stand for Mayor of London or as an MP and Russell Brand famously tried (and failed) to influence the electorate to vote Labour into power.

Yet in a fun festive poll for the UK’s largest consumer help site, the public – asked to pick from 35 comedians who they thought would make the best UK Prime Minister – chose observational comedian Peter Kay over his more politically active counterparts.

Martin Lewis, founder of, says: “Sadly many of the public already think some of our politicians are a joke.Here’s at least one thing that’s definitely true:the clear winner is the UK’s true Northern Powerhouse, Peter Kay, beating even those who are far more obviously engaged in politics like Sandi Toksvig and Eddie Izzard into second and third place.

“Perhaps most surprising is the fact that Russell Brand, who was touted by some in the last general election as someone who could tilt the political balance, and courted by MPs to do so, came way back in just 16th place with only 1 in 50 people picking him.”’s Top 10 Comedians for PM


Peter Kay



Sandi Toksvig



Eddie Izzard



Frankie Boyle



Alexander Armstrong



Dara Ó Briain



Al Murray



Jo Brand



John Bishop



Adam Hills



Notes to editors

1. Which comedian would make the best PM? Results in full.

9,521 people polled in December 2016. Voting limited as much as possible to one vote per person.

1. Peter Kay 830 votes, 8.7%; 2. Sandi Toksvig 777 votes, 8.2%; 3. Eddie Izzard 720 votes, 7.6%; 4. Frankie Boyle 607 votes, 6.4%; 5. Alexander Armstrong 541 votes, 5.7%; 6. Dara Ó Briain 485 votes, 5.1%; 7. Al Murray 461 votes, 4.8%; 8. Jo Brand 418 votes, 4.4%; 9. John Bishop 329 votes, 3.5%; 10. Adam Hills 284 votes, 3.0%; 11. Ricky Gervais 282 votes, 3.0%; 12. Michael McIntyre 279 votes, 2.9%; 13. David Walliams 279 votes, 2.9%; 14. Bradley Walsh 250 votes, 2.6%; 15. Stewart Lee 233 votes, 2.5%; 16. Russell Brand 223 votes, 2.3%; 17. Hugh Dennis 197 votes, 2.1%; 18. Mark Thomas 186 votes, 2.0%; 19. Dawn French 185 votes, 1.9%; 20. Lee Mack 183 votes, 1.9%; 21. Paul Merton 174 votes, 1.8%; 22. Miranda Hart 168 votes, 1.8%; 23. Jack Whitehall 160 votes, 1.7%; 24. Sarah Millican 150 votes, 1.6%; 25. Jack Dee 150 votes, 1.6%; 26. Romesh Ranganathan 148 votes, 1.6%; 27. Jason Manford 140 votes, 1.5%; 28. Jimmy Carr 135 votes, 1.4%; 29. Kevin Bridges 115 votes, 1.2%; 30. Jim Davidson 114 votes, 1.2%; 31. Russell Howard 101 votes, 1.1%; 32. Jeremy Hardy 98 votes, 1.0%; 33. Shappi Khorsandi 67 votes, 0.7%; 34. Katherine Ryan 32 votes, 0.3%; 35. Stephen K Amos 20 votes, 0.2%.

2. The poll result published here differs to the one on After we’d started the poll with 25 comedians, popular public demand led to a further 10 comedians being added, including Peter Kay.There were already just over 2,000 votes at that point.The vote above is weighted to only consider votes from that point onward.The result in the site poll differs to this as it includes the original votes.

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