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Freebies, freebies, freebies

A guide to and directory of free stuff

Whether it's free flights, gym passes, cash, perfume, face cream, games or books, it's all available for free on the internet if you know where to look.

This is a full freebie guide, listing all permanently available freebies.

The BIG freebies

When it comes to the really big freebies - whether it's gym passes, office software suites, or even how to make '100s cash for doing nowt - we have fully dedicated guides to take you through it. Here are the main ones...

Product testing freebie sites

'Freebies for feedback' sites give free goodies in return for your views or sometimes you sharing thoughts with friends. Forumites have grabbed everything from meat and mascara to E45 lotion & electric toothbrushes. Our Top 10 Product Testing Freebie Sites guide shows how.

Q&A Why do freebies exist?

To qualify as a freebie, something must not only be free to get, but it must also be sent without postage or packaging costs. While it still may be a bargain without, it doesn't count as a freebie.

  • Where do freebies come from?

    This list and the top freebies in the weekly e-mail is a product of thousands of MoneySaving freebie hunters scouring the UK's websites to find the best free stuff. They then post them on the Freebies Board of the Discussion Forum. For many the fun is both getting the freebie and the hobby of the hunt.

  • Why do companies give this stuff away?

    Well, it'd be nice to think that they're doing it out of kindness or civic duty, but the fact is it's all about promotion. Most freebies are samples of products, given away in the hope that you might go and buy the full-size version, or just to advertise the brand. 

    One of the most popular freebies ever posted on the site was a razor, worth £4 if you bought it in a shop. Yet the company were more than happy to give hundreds of thousands of them away for free since after a little while they were bound to need new blades, which cost twice as much.

  • Should I always grab them?

    It's tempting, but you really should first ask yourself 'will I use it?'. If not, there's no point signing up; not only would you be keeping the freebie from somebody else (who may really want or need it), it's also bad for the environment to waste something you'll never use just because it's free.

  • How can I get them before they're gone again?

    Many of the best freebies are shortlived, usually because they are limited to a certain number. This happens as companies like to create a buzz about a product in a short space of time. Giving away high value freebies (past £7 razors and £15 moisturisers come to mind) is a great way to do this.

    When people spot freebies they put them on the forum Freebies Board, and then each week in the Money Tips e-mail the five top freebies are listed. To make sure you don't miss out on these sign up to the weekly Money Tips e-mail.


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