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For this year’s Children in Need appeal, is pledging to donate 50p for every genuine new UK recipient of the weekly MoneySaving e-mail before midnight Sunday 18 November. Plus there's a special Facebook application to help spread the word.


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Please Spread the Word

MoneySavingExpert's an official participant in BBC’s Children in Need

Children in Need

Please tell everyone you know. They'll save, and children'll gain.

Please tell friends, family, lovers, partners, colleagues, people you travel on the bus with, dance teachers, pharmacists, pets (ok well maybe that's pushing it). Also feel free to post it on other website forums, though please don't break any spamming or other rules doing so.

Do you use Facebook?

To hopefully spread this pledge even further, this site’s techies have built a cool ‘Give 50p for free’ application for the social networking site Facebook.

Better still if you add it, you’ll be up for the champagne prize. Each time one of your friends adds the application or joins the e-mail you’ll get a Pudsey point. The person with the most Pudsey points at the end of the week will get a bottle of champagne. And don’t worry, none of the MSE team are allowed to enter! Add the MoneySavingExpert Children in Need application.

Why are we doing this?

My logic's simple, this helps Children in Need, it helps this site and it helps everyone who is joining save money. (It's based on the charity fundraising model devised by TheHungersite).

The exact amount raised will be included in next week's e-mail. Just so we don't bust the bank, there is a £50,000 cap on the donation, a massive 100,000 joining, which would crack any site record by 10 times including after major TV coverage; so is very unlikely to be an issue.

If you're wondering how a free to use site can afford it, read How This Site is Financed and just to clarify, this donation is on top of the site's usual charity fund donations.

Donate some more!

If you want to make an extra donation to Children in Need yourself, you can do it online. If you're a UK taxpayer don't forget to opt for Gift Aid, which means the charity gets an extra 28 - 40%.

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Children in Need 50p Donation

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