How to enjoy the commute to London

It takes me two hours to get to London on the train and tube, so I have plenty of time to ponder and think about the day ahead. But with the journey being quite monotonous I’ve had to find something to stop me falling asleep.

As I carry a laptop around with me I have the perfect device for entertainment. Finding suitable media content without too much cost was the challenge.

To start with I signed-up for a three month free trial at LoveFilm. This is a DVD rental service that allows you to keep them for as long as you wish. But – with a post box on either end of the route to work, I had a great opportunity to ensure a great throughput of DVDs, therefore maxing out the value. Loading up on bloke-films ensured I had a big stack of films coming through the door.

After the three month free trial, I decided to try some other content. Moving onto Blockbuster using Tesco’s Clubcard Vouchers (read about them in our Tesco Loyalty Points guide) has been interesting. A single rental token enables you to rent a film, but you can also rent box-sets. When I’m staying in London for a few days, a box-set ensures you have your evenings covered. With each rental token costing £1 in Clubcard vouchers, this is a seriously good deal.

Other content I also view is – Revision 3’s free Tekzilla show, a brass band podcast or listening to albums I’ve downloaded (using TuneChecker to ensure the best price).

But the time’s coming up for change again – what media content do you use?

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