Free physio & sports massages?

Now I must apologise for the fact the team blog is likely to be littered with marathon related entries in the next few months. With six of us running the Virgin marathon this year a proportion of the office has gone running crazy (see MSE Darren’s MSE runs the marathon blog). Poor MSE Alana had to endure at least an hour of marathon related chat in the pub the other night and I’m sure the mentions of long runs, mileage and Fartlek sessions are driving everyone else mad!

With the miles clocking up, pounding the pavement is starting to take its toll on my poor limbs so I decided a trip to the physio was in order. Having been poked, prodded, manipulated and brightly informed I had runner’s knee, I then had to shell out £55 for the pleasure! Luckily I was safe in the knowledge that my Healthcare Cash Plan would cover me.

Healthcare cash plans are simply insurance premiums that pay out when you incur certain medical costs (eg dental, physio, eyecare). You pay anything from £6/month and it’ll pay you back for money you spend up to a given limit when you send in the receipt. I pay around £10/month and will get at least £200 towards physio costs this year. Admittedly not free but a no-brainer if you pay for any of the above.

Even better, my plan also covers ‘health & wellbeing’ including massages – hurrah! So tonight I’m off for my first sports massage of the season, though I’m envisaging more ouch and less of the soothing music and lavender oil. Hopefully it’ll be worth it come the 25 April!

Full details of how they work in the Healthcare Cash Plans guide.

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