Surprising Car Insurance Price Comparison

Car Insurance renewal time is quite an exciting time – for me, anyway; I love the game-playing and competition. With a quite large blokey car (1.8l Ford Mondeo), I feel there’s always room for manoeuvre on insurance premiums.

After determining what my job description is (by using the Car Insurance Job Picker), I go full-steam ahead into using the price comparison engines, as well going direct to those that don’t want to be included, following our brilliant Cheap Car Insurance guide. Armed with a spreadsheet-load of results, I go through the top 5 or so quotes to see if any cashback is available.

This year was one of the odd but brilliant occasions where the cheapest quote also had the best cashback available with it too – hurrah!

But confusingly surprisingly, this company was Sheila’s Wheels. For a company that brands itself as cheap car insurance for woman, it’s quite perplexing that they also came out on top for me also.

I’m currently debating whether I should purchase a pink cadillac. Furthermore, I therefore propose that they change their advert to:

‘For ladies people who insure their cars, Sheilas’ Wheels are superstars…’

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