I learnt an important lesson in karma yesterday – never forgo a potential charity donation or the consequences could be dire.

Instead of buying my daily fix of a Yorkie bar from our charity chocolate box at work I got it from the local petrol station while buying my lunch (see the Charity Giving guide).

When I got back to the office, it was too hard and cold to eat so I used a radiator at MSE Towers to warm it up for 30 seconds or so. Well, that was the plan.

Yet a call came in almost immediately, leaving me to blissfully forget about the joyful chocolate explosion that was set to come my way.

Twenty minutes later, and the consequences of that foolish mistake hit me like a tonne of, er, very cold, hard Yorkies.

In a fit of panic, I rushed to the radiator where the once proud bar had become a warm, liquid gel.

Martin suggested I drink it, which I did. It wasn’t bad as hot chocolate goes, but it wasn’t the same.

Next time I’ll buy from the charity box.

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