Thanks, Tesco. Every little does help

We are very quick to jump on bad service, telling everyone from our best mate to the media (which we sometimes write about) of how we’ve been wronged by our bank, supermarket or travel firm.

But we’re not always as quick to celebrate good service, but I’m going to try to redress that balance slightly, even though it may only be a drop in ocean.

I got a call yesterday from Tesco apologising for my recent grocery delivery order which contained numerous substitute items because what I’d ordered had sold out.

I thought little of it at the time but the kind gentleman on the end of the phone offered me £5 as a token. It’s not the largest sum in the world but it was nevertheless a nice gesture.

I hadn’t complained, kicked up a fuss or anything. This was done proactively by Tesco.

As I put the phone down I got that strange feeling that I hardly ever get about the big corporates that maybe, just maybe they do care about us.

Of course, the cynic in me says Tesco is not being kind. Its motive is that I will continue to shop with it in the face of increasing competition from Asda, which recently instigated a price war among the major supermarkets.

But, for once, I will give it the benefit of the doubt and I will continue to shop at Tesco as every little did help in this case.

If more companies were so proactive in addressing errors, no matter how minor, we’d all be a little happier as consumers.

Ps – for other cynics out there, the refund had nothing to do with my position at MSE.

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