Can a TV recorder really save £870 a year?

As you can imagine, at MSE Towers we get the odd one or two (hundred) press releases every week, with companies sending in their latest offers for consideration. The best make it into the weekly email, the worst into the spam folder. But every now and then there’s one that’s truly special.

An email about a well-known digital TV recorder brand plopped into my inbox, claiming buying one of its PVRs (personal video recorders) could save up to £870 a year. That’s quite a MoneySaving feat for any machine that costs over two hundred pounds, so I read on.

I was at very least expecting a money-making marvel that could turn old episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride into gold bullion, but sadly, the bottom of the email the small print explained the saving as:

“Based on the cost of 12 family tickets to a chain cinema, an annual subscription to a well-known cable or Satellite Company, and 20 DVDs based on an average cost of £10.99.”

Now I like a quiet night in with a pre-recorded show as much as the next girl. But I’m pretty sure that, deprived of the ability to watch last night’s TV in the privacy of my own home, I wouldn’t go out and buy a dozen family cinema tickets, a cable subscription and £220 of DVDs.

If you’ve come across any similarly ‘helpful’ MoneySaving price breakdowns, please do share them in the Can you afford not to? forum discussion.