How one MSE team member forgot to practise what he preaches

It’s horrible when your card is declined but you feel like even more of a plonker when it’s your own fault.

And even worse when you’ve already been involved in publishing a story explaining this will happen.

I’ve got an Egg Money card in my wallet but all Egg cards were deactivated today as they have been replaced with Barclaycards.

I was sent a new Barclaycard a few weeks ago but forgot to pack it in my wallet this morning.

This was despite working with Helen Knapman on her story last week explaining this would happen today (here’s the story).

I couldn’t understand for the life of me at first why my plastic was declined when buying my lunch – until I realised my own stupidity. Luckily, I had a back-up card.

I just hope those who read the story last week had a better memory than I did.

Oh well, goes to show we don’t always remember to practise what we preach.

Any other Egg cardholders made the same mistake? Let us know in the Egg cards scrapped forum thread.