Shaving the price of ‘never-discounted’ cosmetics

Shaving the price off expensive cosmetics

It may come as a surprise to some that not everyone in Money Saving Towers is tight with money. Generally I’m good when it comes to banking, credit cards etc (well, I do work on the money team).

When it comes to shopping, I tend to choose the things I want carefully, then research whether I can shave the price down in any way possible (eg, cashback sites, discount vouchers). However if I can’t cut the cost I’ll usually still spend the cash, though at least in the knowledge that I tried.

One area in which I find it particularly tricky to save is on cosmetics, as big name brands just don’t seem to do discounts. One of my favourite make-up brands, MAC, never reduces prices.

The only way to I can find to get them cheaper is to buy while on holiday in America, and even I don’t buy enough make-up to make a saving doing that!

However, I recently made an exciting discovery – Debenhams sells MAC, along with a wide range of other expensive beauty brands. While the price is the same as in stand-alone MAC stores, Debenhams currently has a voucher where you can get 10% off beauty products and delivery’s free if you spend over £30. Full details in Debenhams Discount Vouchers.

It ends on Fri 10 February though, so I’m stocking up while I can!