From bed bug to cyber bug

After a week in bed nursing the flu, I’d had enough of soup, Lemsip and most of all, daytime TV.

Instead, I took the time to sort my finances, showing that good can come from feeling dreadful.

With the ability to focus my eyes on the screen and navigate the remote control with my fingers, I wondered if I had the strength to accomplish anything on the laptop.

Feeling a pang of guilt that I wasn’t able to haul myself into the office, it seemed that work had nonetheless fallen into my lap.

I’m not sure if you’ve managed to do the same while your immune system’s taken a battering, but very slowly, I was able to make a start on my long to-do-list. It included:

  • Finding the number for my dentist to make an appointment.
  • Downloading the electoral register application form and having it ready for my boyfriend to post the next day.
  • Applying for my credit report which revealed a couple of inaccuracies (must get round to correcting this, hopefully not when I’m next ill).
  • And saving the best till last, I downloaded the PPI reclaim form to help a family member with their claim.

I feel lucky the world is literally at my fingertips. If I’m ill in bed, or on the move with my mobile, I can still search the web, schedule those appointments and catch up with family and friends through SMS and email.

And best of all, I can keep my sneezes and coughs to myself as I rule the roost from the comfort of my home. I just hope no-one thinks I was having a ball while off sick.

Have you used a sick day to sort your life admin out? You can leave your comments in the comments section below or in the MSE Forum.