I’m an online glasses buyer convert (thanks to a free trial)

Not so eye-watering prices

Not so eye-watering prices

I’ve needed glasses ever since one of my primary school teachers told my parents I couldn’t read the hymns on the board in assembly (yes, I’m still bitter about this. I’m sure I could have got away with it for longer).

As soon as I was allowed, I switched to wearing contact lenses as much as possible. I’ve always envied those who can pull off the cool specs look, but I’ve never seemed to manage it.

Every time I have a check-up I’m told I shouldn’t wear my lenses so much, so I decided it was about time to try again.

Yet I was dubious about buying glasses online but now I’ve been converted.
Here’s why.

Try before you buy

I heard you can get free home trials from websites such as Glasses Direct. It often has pretty good deals on frames and lenses too, so thought it was worth a shot.

You get to select up to four pairs at a time to trial, which gives you a chance to see what suits you. Make sure you return them within seven days (free delivery both ways). You can do the trial as many times as you want.

I really liked one of the pairs I tried and the cost including the lenses was at least half compared with going to a high street optician.

The service was pretty quick; my glasses arrived within two weeks.

I did have a few issues with the fit of the frames when they arrived (one down side to not having a face-to-face service). However when I contacted the company, I was sent a free returns form and I got them back, having been adjusted, within a week.

The process took longer than if I was to go to the high street. However, I received good customer service and to me it was worth it to save at more than 50%.

So I’ve got some cheap specs which fit nicely.

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