Told us about your No Unnecessary Present Pact this Christmas? Here’s what you’re all doing…

Don't buy presents for the sake of it

Don't buy presents for the sake of it

Over the last few weeks we’ve been encouraging you to come up with a No Unnecessary Present Pact (Nupp) for Christmas, to stop you wasting money on tat no-one wants.

It’s easy to quickly dismiss the idea as Grinch-like and miserable, but if you’re wasting time buying presents some people don’t want, or getting carried away with presents you do want to buy, you should give it a go.

A few weeks ago I wrote about what some of the MSE Team are doing (see Will you be signing a No Unnecessary Present Pact this Christmas?), and asked you to send in your own NUPPs on Facebook, via our forum and on Twitter.

Loads of you got involved. Reading through the pacts, they’re anything but miserly – they’re full of love, thought, charity and the spirit of Christmas. Here are a few of them.

@Braceyboy: We’ve been doing (not so) Secret Santa in my family for a couple of years now – everyone gets one prezzie that everyone wants!

@Haribomonster1: We stopped extended family adult prezzies five years ago. Saved loads of money, but stress saved is invaluable!!!

@maxcaldicott: I have a £2 maximum limit on gifts people buy me. It *really* makes them think about what I like, which should be the point!

@snaptravelshop: £5/10 limit for gifts worked for me. Always use the rule that the gift has to be thoughtful and you really can get great gifts!

@SharonBarrynews: My four-year-old nephew is getting money into his bank account for his future. Will throw in a free cardboard box for fun.

@Cymraes999: I’m in! I had a cull of presents last year and it went well – going for it again this year!

@kassthelass: Stopped sending cards 10 years ago, donate to charity instead – better all round.

@nmargwh: Secret Santa at work swapped for donation to the Philippines.

@Tim_Lane: Yep, got the mother-in-law to negotiate it with extended family on her side – turns out they’ve wanted to do it for years!

@Graham_Moore: My brothers and their wives and girlfriends, and brothers and sisters-in-law, are all going for drinks instead of buying pressies!

@jltholmwood: I rang up both my cousins and told them I’d donate the money to the Philippines. They agreed.

@Budget_Squirrel: I’m hand-making Christmas presents this year. Autumn leaf photo frame anyone?

@Tinysmum11: Have decided to tell them I intend to donate to the Philippines disaster fund instead of buying presents and ask them to do same."

Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to make your own Christmas pacts – it’s not too late! – and will help you prevent panic-buying over the next few days.

You can let us know your thoughts on the discussion below, on the forum thread, or by tweeting us at @MSE_Deals using the #MSENUPP hashtag.