I’ve a mountain of toiletries. So why am I rushing out to buy more?

Rummaging around my beauty cabinet recently, I realised I’ve probably got enough lotions and potions to last me a couple of years. So can I justify buying items in this week’s potential Boots 75% off sale?

Slightly embarrassed, yet strangely proud, I decided to come clean about my hoard by lumping the whole lot in the bath.

(OK, not all of it, there are still some bits at the back of the cupboard I just didn’t have the heart to bring out.)

Do you have a secret stash of beauty 'essentials?'

Do you have a secret stash of beauty 'essentials?'

As you can see from the picture, I seem to have accumulated sun lotions, body moisturisers, a mountain of nail varnish and body shimmers to keep me plumped and pruned for ages.

I even have a back-up make-up kit in case I ever need it. None of the items have been opened, so hopefully they’ll still be OK once I’ve finished with my current lot.

But despite running out of space and having a huge range of toiletries to get through, I’m still excited about the Boots 75% off sale rumours this week.

It’s become a tradition for the MSE girls to go down to Boots at lunchtime to grab bargain beauty products and other deals. And I’m sure I’ll be joining them to keep up with the tradition (see the Sharpen your elbows, it’s the Boots 75% off sale blog post from last year).

My rationale is that it’s better to stock up on products while they’re heavily discounted as I know I’ll eventually use them. Plus I may even bag some reduced goodies to give as presents at a later date too.

So I’d like to find out from other girls, or even guys, whether you have your own secret stash of beauty ‘essentials’. Am I normal having this much stuff? And will you also be searching for beauty bargains in the Boots 75% off sale? Please share your thoughts in the discussion below, or in the forum.