Dream of being debt-free? You’re invited to our #dfwbloggers party…

Join our help-clear-your-debts 'party' every Friday

Join our help-clear-your-debts 'party' every Friday

Inspired by our huge, fantastic community of Debt-Free Wannabes, we hold a motivational, help-clear-your-debts "party" every Friday evening from 8.30pm on our forum Twitter account – @MSE_Forum.

It’s all about MoneySaving the fun and supportive way. We talk about tips and ideas on how to pay off your debts, share success stories, celebrate when someone’s cleared their debts (let us know!) and discuss anything else that keeps you motivated. It’s not about telling the world how much you owe (unless you want to, of course).  

Past conversations include slow cooker bargains, Saturday night "fakeaways" (home-made Chinese, curries and more for under a fiver), and even games you can play with dice for free and educational kids’ entertainment!

It’ll be great to talk to you – the more the merrier.  Of course, it’s all free, so it’s a very cheap Friday night in while saving money too!

Why should I do it?

If that hasn’t motivated you already, read our fabulously inspiring Debt-Free Roll of Honour. We started it several years ago, and it’s become the holy grail of MoneySaving – where our fantastic forumites come to shout out loud and proud when they’ve finally cleared their debt.

We’d love to see you join it!

I don’t use Twitter, it sounds fiddly

It’s not at all – here’s how you do it:

  • Read the past tweets to see the discussions we’ve had. They’ve been really inspiring, especially when people who have cleared their debts told us their stories.
  • Then if you’d like to join in on Friday, log into Twitter at 8.30pm and click the #dfwbloggers link above.
  • To reply to @MSE_Forum and other Debt-free Wannabes on Twitter, just type what you want to say, remembering to include the #dfwbloggers hashtag in your tweet.
  • As Twitter limits you to 140 characters you may need to write more than one tweet, but that’s fine!

Do I need to be an MSE Forum user?

No, not at all.

We’d love you to join the forum so you can create your own Debt-Free Diary and join in with other Debt-Free Wannabe Challenges, to save even more money and pay your debts off more quickly. But it’s not essential.

It’s called #dfwbloggers, do I have to be a blogger?

Nope, it’s just the name we gave it. All you need to be is somebody trying to clear their debts. If you do have a debt-free or MoneySaving blog, or a Debt-Free Diary on our forum, we’d love to see it – but it’s not essential.

Will you be joining in with our Debt Free Wannabe Twitter party on Friday? Please let us know your opinions in the discussion below or in the forum.