Sent your CPP claim form back? I’ve just reclaimed £150

Up to 7 million people were mis-sold credit and ID theft cover

Up to 7 million people were mis-sold credit and ID theft cover

I’m one of millions of people mis-sold worthless credit card theft cover, and I’ve just successfully reclaimed £150!

Up to seven million people were mis-sold credit and identity theft cover from banks and CPP. At the end of last year, all those affected were asked to vote on a redress scheme to get their money back.

As it needed a majority to vote ‘yes’ for people to get their money back, that’s exactly what I did (see my previous blog Why I’m voting ‘yes’ to the CPP card protection redress scheme).

And earlier this year, the vote worked in my favour as I received my reclaim form.

While I knew I was mis-sold the protection policy – I was 20 and had just taken out my first credit card and I didn’t feel I was given the full information about the insurance – I was still a little sceptical about filling in the form.

What if they didn’t believe me or I didn’t coherently explain how I was mis-sold the policy?

I read’s Reclaim CPP Card Protection guide for the full information, especially the section offering help on filling in the claim form.

After five minutes of putting my case forward on paper, I popped it in the post about a month ago. I forgot about it until yesterday evening when I came home to a nice surprise.

You were mis-sold a worthless policy – so claim

I received a letter with the outcome of my CPP claim, and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the cheque for £150.44 enclosed.

My claim form had been reviewed and it was successful. It said I was being repaid for the £105 I’d paid for the cover on or after 14 January 2005, plus gross interest of 8% per year – £56.80 in total – had also been applied.

Minus tax, the total came to just over £150. I thought I had paid about £80 for the policy all those years ago, but this cheque was a lot more than I was expecting.

My fiancé and I have just bought our first home, so the money will definitely help us out with removal costs.

It took a few minutes to complete and I’d urge anyone else sitting on the form to just fill it in. The money is rightfully yours – you were mis-sold a worthless policy. Now’s the time to get it back before the August deadline.

Have you successfully reclaimed yet? Tell us below or in the forum.