How I used a warranty to replace earphones I’d had for almost three years

Now I'll always check the manufacturer's warranty before making purchases

Now I'll always check the manufacturer's warranty before making purchases

When my earphones stopped working after two and a half years of almost daily use, my first thought was that I’d simply buy a new pair from the same company (RHA).

It wasn’t until I was comparing prices that I noticed that the earphones came with a three year warranty. I’m the type of person who keeps original packaging ‘just in case’, although it turned out I didn’t need it as I quickly found a warranty claim form on RHA’s website and filled it out.

The only hurdle was finding the original receipt. Fortunately, I had ordered the earphones online and was able to find the receipt in my email inbox.

Despite sending off the warranty claim, I still wasn’t convinced it would be so easy to get my well-worn earphones replaced. Yet within 24 hours, I had received an email asking me to confirm my address so that a replacement pair could be sent to me.

Just a few days later a brand new boxed set of earphones arrived in the post, along with a prepaid envelope so I could send back the defective pair.

I’ve read information on about claiming on warranties, but never really thought it could apply to or even be worth it for smaller items. The original cost of £30 had seemed a reasonable outlay for nearly three years of wear and tear, but now I’ll definitely be checking the manufacturer’s warranty before making a new purchase in future.

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