Comping – it’s great fun and a possible income booster

I admit it, I'm a secret, but lapsed, comper

I admit it, I'm a secret, but lapsed, comper

I admit it, I’m a secret, but lapsed, comper. Admittedly work and kids mean I’ve not comped (entered competitions) much lately but I encourage my kids to have a go when we see a free one and I’d encourage anyone else to join in too.

First and foremost it’s huge fun. On Mothers’ Day this year my kids entered two competitions; one a Muppets treasure hunt at Cineworld, and the other a hoola hoop challenge in Bella Italia. My eldest girl won both, getting two cinema tickets for any film and a muppets DVD from Cineworld, and a £25 voucher for the restaurant.

We haven’t used the Bella Italia voucher yet so that’ll be a treat for sometime soon as it expires this month.

If that isn’t enough inspiration, we also have a fantastic community of compers on our Competitions Time forum board. I love reading all their supportive comments and, especially, the I Won, I Won, I Won board where people flag up their wins and thank the forum members who posted the competition in the first place. 

The community there even gives a shout out if prize winners haven’t yet claimed, so if you’re a comper it’s well worth bookmarking.

So if this has encouraged you to start comping, have a read of our 40 Comping Tips guide and consider joining the forum to become part of the comping community.

And while you’re there, Homebase is giving our forum members 10 real Christmas trees. You’ve got until 10am on 10 December to enter and all you need to do to is say "Merry Christmas" on the forum.

If you’re comping to boost your income, don’t miss our Boost your Income guide too for other ways to earn.

Are you a life long comper or are you a newbie planning on giving it a try? Please let us know your opinions in the discussion below or in the forum.