How the Government wants to encourage pension saving

The Government is consulting with pensions experts and the public on how to ensure the pensions system is future-proof and how to encourage pension saving.

Can an allotment cut the cost of fruit & veg?

Every year my very trusting friends leave their allotment plot in my hands when they go away...

Why I’ve started borrowing my neighbour’s car

Since moving to London I rarely need to drive a car anywhere as the time and cost of doing so isn't worth it...

How I popped my upcycling cherry and saved £65+

Have you ever considered upcycling to save cash but never taken the plunge? Well, that was me until now. I was recently looking for a shelf for my daughter’s room but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I found one I quite liked in Ikea but it was £75 – far too expensive, while another...

October is Stoptober – start preparing now

October is Stoptober. You’ll probably have seen the TV adverts aimed at helping you to give up smoking featuring several comedians already. But while October is still a week or so away, you can start preparing now by ordering a free support kit to help you stop smoking via the Stoptober website. The free kit includes a...

12 MoneySaving ways to own freshers’ week

Here are our tips on how to absolutely boss your way through freshers' week

What’s more MoneySaving – being in a relationship? Or being single?

Couples pay the price for being in a relationship, a recent study claimed. So what's more MoneySaving - being in a couple? Or being single?

4G phone £49 – is the Rook any good?

When I heard EE had recently launched the EE Rook, a new £50 smartphone promising 4G connectivity and moree market, I was keen to take it for a spin.

Five changes I’d make to the rental market

As a seasoned London renter, I’m used to paying through the nose to rent my flat, with almost 40% of my wages disappearing into my landlord’s pocket once a month.  So it wasn’t a huge shock to hear that rents in the UK are the highest in Europe at £750/month on average, according to new research from the...

How we’re helping make Parliament more ‘friendly’

Here at, we often compile our site users’ thoughts and opinions on key matters for Parliament to consider, but more recently we’ve been involved in its ‘Tea Camp‘ on digital democracy. It began when we were asked by the Digital Democracy Commission, spearheaded by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, how best to...