Planning a spring clean or declutter this month? We can help

One way to declutter is to have a car boot sale

As part of our New Year’s Resolutions campaign we hosted a #dumpyourjunk decluttering Twitter chat with founder of ‘Zero Waste Week’ Rachelle Strauss (known to many as Mrs Green).

What was originally planned as a half hour Q&A turned into an inspirational, hour-long Twitter party with many other declutterers joining in.

The tips that came out of it were fantastic and left everyone wanting more… so watch this space for news of #dumpyourjunk Part 2.

In the meantime, have a read of some of the great tips below that came out of the Q&A and click through to the #dumpyourjunk hashtag to see the full conversations.

Q: What’s your top decluttering tip?

  • @myzerowaste: "Swishing [swapping clothes] is fab if family don’t want to swap – add friends, nibbles and wine!”
  • @coachykim: "My top decluttering tip is… getting rid of things I haven’t used or worn for a year."
  • @CantSwingACat: "Also, carboot sales are one of my faves for ridding old clothes, though you’ll probably just get £1 or £2."

Q: @MSE_Forum: Do you sell stuff when you’re decluttering or give it to charity?

  • @CantSwingACat: "Probably mostly sell as I need the money. But I buy from charity shops & tell myself that’s how I’m doing my bit."
  • @RaisingWildOnes: "Yep, until we’ve paid off debts, then the junk will be donated :p"
  • @DRnaturegirl: "Everything! Give away, freecycle, eBay, local ads, recycling banks and charity."
  • @Mehubbyandkids: "My dining room has five boxes in to go to the charity shop. Been there nearly two weeks now."

Q: @MSE_Forum: What can I do with half-used toiletries?

  • @RaisingWildOnes: "Give them to kids to play with in the bath & get clean at the same time. Or just use them all up if you like them!"
  • @coachykim: "Check them first for expiry dates, and liquids for separation or bad smells. Any of the above, chuckout!"
  • @TotsAdventures: "I use half-used conditioner to make my kids paint."

Q: @MSE_Forum: What are your top tips for waste-free make-up removal?

  • @Cottage_R: "I use an oil based liquid makeup remover – only needs a towel so no waste! Bottle can be recycled!"
  • @Mehubbyandkids: "Crochet little make up remover pads. They can be washed and reused instead of cotton wool that needs to be thrown."
  • @CantSwingACat: "Stick a box of half-used toiletries in your bathroom, ban yourself from buying more until you’ve used them up."
  • @myzerowaste: "Tips for waste free make up removal here."

Q: @MSE_Forum: When it comes to decluttering, are you a flylady or a slow burner?

  • @myzerowaste: "HaHa! A procrastinator, unfortunately! But then a whirlwind who burns out *sigh*."
  • @makeandmendyear: "I go in fits and starts! I did the #minsgame last year – one item on day 1, two on day 2 etc, up to 30, and that was great."
  • @KarenCannard: "A slow burner, most definitely. Surprised husband hasn’t tripped over anything yet."

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Do you have any of your own tips on how best to declutter and have a spring clean? Please let us know your thoughts in the discussion below or on the forum.