How to save money by reusing and recycling

How to save money by reusing and recycling

I’m a big recycling and reusing fan. Using household items you already own in fresh, new ways is extremely MoneySaving. So when I heard this week (22-28 June) was Recycle Week, I jumped at the chance to highlight our readers’ top tips, plus more.

To kick off the #RecycleWeek campaign, we’ve been working with organisations including Recycle Now, the Rubbish Diet and MyZeroWaste to help spread the message about recycling and reuse and show everyone how you can save by being just that little bit more savvy with your spending.

See our Recycle Week Forum Hub for polls, helpful tips, chat and blogs.

We also launched a ’10 Ways to Save Money by reusing and recycling’ infographic alongside the Rubbish Diet and MyZeroWaste. As you can see below, it features a mixture of obvious and less well-known tips.

For example, charity WRAP says around 30% of clothes in the average UK household wardrobe have typically been unworn for a year – that’s around £1,000 worth of un-used clothes! (See our How to Sell on eBay guide for help.) Plus, do you know what a Mooncup is and how much it could save you ladies?!

More top tips

To help MoneySavers just starting out as newbie upcyclers and recyclers, we also ran a Twitter Q&A with Recycle Now. See below for the tips it shared with us.

But it’s not over yet!

Recycle Week ends on Sunday, but it doesn’t have to end there. Keep us updated on how you’re reusing and recycling projects are going. Show/tell us via the comments section below, or by posting on our Recycling Hub, our Crafting Board, or tell us on Twitter.

You can also follow our Pinterest Spring Cleaning board too where we’ll be flagging up more great upcycling stories throughout the year.