The great Easter egg mark-up (though some normal choc can cost 40% MORE)

It’s as much a part of Easter as daffodils and bunnies – ranting that eggs are a swizz and prices are massively inflated over normal choc. Or are they?

We looked at the total amount of choccy in 10 Easter egg bundles, and compared the price per gram to equivalent standard bars – with surprising results.

While eggs were on average 17% more egg-spensive gram for gram than standard chocolate, in 4 out of 10 cases the normal bars were actually cheep-er.

As expected, many eggs were costlier. A bag of Lindt Lindor mini eggs came in at £2 for 100g. Yet a Lindor Mini Eggs egg pack was £8, or £3.73 per 100g – an 87% mark-up.

Don’t assume you’ll shell out more for eggs

The findings showed the stereotype of eggs having a big mark-up isn’t always true though. A KitKat Chunky bar cost 60p for 40g, or £1.50 per 100g. But if you bought an 140g Kit Kat chunky egg bundle at £1.50, it would cost just £1.07 per 100g – making the bar 40% more expensive than the egg.

Likewise, an Aero egg worked out at £1.21 per 100g, but was £1.67 per 100g if you bought a bar – 38% more.

So if you’re a KitKat Chunky fan, for example, it’s worth hopping over to the eggs section to check the cost per gram, before grabbing a bar.

This research was on full-price eggs, so any on special offer really could be a cracking bargain.

Of course, we know the chocolate in eggs is often different to bars, and a more rigorous, gold-standard study might weigh both separately. Yet as this is MSE we just set out to get you the most choc for your buck, whatever type it was.

Easter egg Price per 100g Equiv normal choc Price per 100g Egg mark-up?
Aero egg with 1 Aero Bubbles bag. £1.50 for 124g. £1.21 Bar, 60p for 36g. £1.67 Bar is 38% more expensive
Cadbury egg with 1 Creme Egg.  £1.50 for 138g. £1.09 Creme Egg, 50p for 40g. £1.25 Creme egg is 15% more expensive
Cadbury Dairy Milk egg. £1 for 72g. £1.39 Bar, 60p for 45g. £1.33 Bar is 5% more expensive
Galaxy egg with 2 Minstrels bags. £4 for 262g. £1.53 Bag, 60p for 42g. £1.43 Egg is 7% more expensive
Green and Black’s egg, £6 for 165g. £3.64 Bar, £2 for 100g. £2 Egg is 82% more expensive
KitKat egg with 1 KitKat Chunky, £1.50 for 140g. £1.07 Bar, 60p for 40g. £1.50 Bar is 40% more expensive
Mars egg with 2 bars, £4 for 280g. £1.43 Bar, 60p for 51g. £1.18 Egg is 21% more expensive
Lindt egg with 1 Lindor Minis bag, £8 for 215g. £3.73 Packet, £2 for 100g. £2 Egg is 87% more expensive
Smarties egg with 1 bag, £1.50 for 122g. £1.23 Tube, 60p for 38g. £1.58 Tube is 28% more expensive
Own-brand egg with choc buttons bag, £1 for 150g. £0.67 Bar, 40p for 70g. £0.57 Egg is 18% more expensive
Notes: Prices from Tesco on 22 Feb 2016.