iPhone fan? Should you avoid buying standard headphones this year?

I normally take iPhone rumours with a handful rather than a pinch of salt as many are nonsense, no doubt fuelled by crafty leaks to generate interest. But this one has got my attention and I’m taking action – or rather inaction.

Most iPhone 7 rumours I’ve read (such as this from Forbes) suggest there will be no headphone jack to accommodate stereo speakers – in plain English this means the slot to put your headphones in won’t exist. Rumours also suggest the phone will launch later this year, probably in the autumn, which is typical timing for iPhone unveilings (the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launched last September).

The nature of these rumours, and the fact they are widespread, have prompted me to make a decision now to avoid wasting money on a product that may be useless to me in future.

I’m an iPhone user – and I’m delaying buying headphones this year

This is where I need to declare that I like iPhones, and assuming the iPhone 7 launches this year, gets good reviews and I have spare cash at the time, I’ll probably get it.

Yet that means I won’t buy the new headphones I was planning this year – I want to wait and see what Apple does, as I don’t want to risk them being incompatible in future. Giving I’m planning to spend at least £50-£100, I want to make sure I get the right pair.

As I only ever listen to music or podcasts on the move on my phone, they need to be compatible with it. I’d like a new set as mine are seriously low-grade in look and sound quality – they make mullets and shell-suits seem fashionable.

I know iPhones usually come with their own headphones, but they are often of pretty poor quality.

The flaws to my decision

I am fully aware there are counter-arguments, including:

  1. You can currently buy Bluetooth headphones which should be compatible with whatever iPhone comes out.
  2. You can buy headphones that connect to the charging port that could also be compatible with future devices.
  3. The rumours may be rubbish.
  4. Why buy new headphones anyway when my current pair work?

It’s about not taking money-wasting risks now

OK, so buying a new pair of headphones now may not be as risky as sticking all my money on England to win Euro 2016. But the reason I want to wait and see what Apple does is so I make a decision later this year with all the information to hand.

While I’ve decided I want the luxury of new headphones, what’s the loss in waiting even if nothing actually changes? A few months with headphones that still work, even if I may be ridiculed by a sound technician.