Why I won’t buy an iPhone 7… I could fly to Australia for that price

I used to get sucked into the Apple hype, often watching its iPhone announcements for personal as well as professional reasons, but I’m past that.

Last night’s iPhone 7 launch was particularly underwhelming, and I’m perfectly happy with my fully functional and nippy iPhone 6.

I’m not knocking Apple or the iPhone 7. I think its products are superb, and I’m sure most people who buy the new phone will be happy with their purchase. Yet I’d encourage those who already have a good phone not to rush out and be lured in by the hype without first doing their research.

The issue for me is purely financial. Why would I spend between £600 and £800 on the new version when what I’ve got is perfectly adequate? I could fly to Australia and back for that. What’s more, I’ve always completely discounted the pricier ‘Plus’ versions which are simply too big for me.

I don’t need a dust-resistant phone – I live in London, not the Sahara

There comes a stage when there’s not much new you can do with current technology. When the iPhone 6 came out it was a leap forward given the increased size, and when a flash went on the camera a few years earlier it was a necessary upgrade.

Yet the following features of the iPhone 7 aren’t exciting:

  • Water resistance – I don’t take mine to the shower or toilet and I live in London so we’re low on outdoor swimming pools.
  • Dust resistance – As I said, I live in London, not the Sahara.
  • Better camera – For me, the iPhone 6 camera is fine. In any case, my fiancée takes all the pics.
  • No traditional headphone jack – That’s a problem for me as it’ll be a faff connecting my headphones.
  • Stereo speaker  I hardly think they’ll come close to a decent set of normal speakers.
  • Longer battery  Mine lasts a full day, while I have chargers coming out of most sockets in my home, car and at work.

That’s my take. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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