Handbags? Luxury toilet roll? What are your guilty – but still MoneySaving – pleasures?

When it comes to MoneySaving, here at MSE Towers we know what we’re talking about. I’ve been here over five years, and the lengths some people go to bag a bargain still astound me.

That’s not to say I don’t like to save money. It’s just a common preconception that because of where I work, I should be shopping in the cheapest stores and never eating out without a voucher.

My opinion? MoneySaving doesn’t mean cheap. MoneySaving means doing what you want to do, for the cheapest price you can do it. And I could not be a bigger advocate for that…

For example, my savings are in top-paying accounts. I pay for a package account because it works out cheaper than paying for the insurance policies I would have bought separately (and even more MoneySaving, it’s a joint account so my boyfriend is covered too). I have separate cards for spending overseas and I always wait for offers on things I regularly buy, such as toiletries.

So when I decided to buy a VERY expensive handbag after 10 long years of lusting for it, I did it for the lowest I knew I could get it (MoneySaving tip – Selfridges and London-only Liberty often have discounts around November/early December – they’re worth watching out for, in store and online, if like me you’re a fan of luxury items.)

I know it’s not an essential, and I know that to many, it’s a colossal waste of money. But I paid for it on an Avios-earning credit card which I cleared in full, using a once-a-year discount code. Plus I don’t have costly debts and I didn’t make essential sacrifices to pay for it.

I would argue with anyone who says they don’t have something they like to spend money on. Maybe it’s sports or gig tickets, maybe it’s luxury toilet roll, travel or expensive accessories.

Whatever it is, buying it doesn’t mean you’re not MoneySaving. It’s only not MoneySaving if it’s not a budgeted, can’t-get-it-cheaper purchase, though do always think twice before you do (Martin’s Money Mantras can help).

Now, be honest, what are your guilty but still MoneySaving pleasures? Let us know in the comments box below.