Three customer? You can get FREE cinema tickets, coffee, pizza and more via this free app

Free stuff. Unless it’s a cold or a bin bag full of half-eaten Jaffa Cakes, free stuff is awesome. And if you’re a Three customer, you can now use the mobile network’s new rewards app to get lots of it.

The Wuntu app (‘Wun’, ‘tu’, Three, geddit?) is available for iOS and Android. It’s free to download, and if you’re on Three, it offers you free treats plus a chance to win prizes every week.

It’s gone down a storm at MSE Towers, with members of the team using it to snaffle up coffee, pizzas, burgers, chocolate, cinema tickets and more without paying a penny.

Wuntu’s essentially a loyalty programme, like Tesco Clubcard or Nectar. Basically, Three hopes you’ll become a customer or stay with it in return for access to the app and the gratis goodies it offers every seven days.

While the freebies are very welcome if you’re already a Three customer, DON’T see this on its own as a reason to switch provider. As we always say with loyalty schemes, make sure you get the best deal first and then see any loyalty incentives as a welcome bonus.

What freebies can I get?

Wuntu offers users 10-15 freebies, discounts or prize draw entries each week, with new ones available every Wednesday.

Over time, Wuntu says freebies will be tailored to individuals, as the app’s been designed to learn what’s of interest to each user. It’ll ask for permission to see your usage and location and to share your personal data with third parties. At the moment, as far as we can tell, you’ll still get deals if you say ‘no’, but in theory over time they’ll be less targeted and so potentially less useful.

The 10-15 things you get every Wednesday will be a mix of the following, with at least one no-strings-attached freebie and one big prize up for grabs each week:

  • Freebies with no strings attached. These are totally free, with no spend required – examples we’ve seen include a free coffee from Costa, a free Cineworld ticket and a free £5 Amazon gift card.

  • ‘Freebies’ which are only free if you spend money on something else. For example, a ‘free’ bottle of prosecco when you spend £30 at Café Rouge, or a free £50 travel voucher when you book a four-night trip for two through Inspire.

  • Discounts. Such as £3 cocktails at Las Iguanas, 25% off car hire with Europcar, or a Bella Italia meal for £3.

  • Prize draws. These are competitions, pure and simple. Examples include draws for artisanal meat for a year from Carnivore Club and a five-night trip to New York with

Want the best freebies? Go QUICK

A crucial point here is that the no-strings-attached freebies often have limited availability. Either there’s a set number available (eg, recently there were only 4,000-ish £5 Amazon gift cards), or they’re available for a set period (eg, a recent free Domino’s pizza was only available for a day). It’s first come, first served – so you’ll need to get in there quickly.

The app will send you notifications in the run up to new offers going live, as well as when they appear. However, to stand the best chance of getting the top goodies, check the app regularly on Wednesdays. We’ve asked Three to specify exactly when new deals go live but anecdotal evidence suggests it’s between 8.30am and 10.30am.

How to sign up and get the free stuff

Assuming you’re currently a Three customer, with a mobile or mobile broadband contract, or Sim-only or pay-as-you-go deal, here’s what to do:

  1. Download the app. If you’ve an Android phone, get it from Google Play. If you’ve an iPhone, go to the App Store. If you have a Windows phone… get an Android phone or iPhone.

  2. Disconnect from Wi-Fi. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, the app will ask you to disconnect so it can use your mobile network to establish you’re a Three customer.

  3. Open the app and register. Open Wuntu and tap the menu icon in the bottom left-hand corner, then ‘Account’ and then ‘Quick Register’. Enter your email, date of birth and gender.

After that, you’re good to go. You can browse current offers via the app’s homepage – tap on one to use it straightaway or save it for later (though if it’s a good ‘un, it might have expired by the time you come back to it).

The exact way you use each offer depends on what it is – it’ll explain what to do in the app. Typically if it’s something you’d usually buy face-to-face, such as a cup of coffee or a cocktail, you simply show the person serving you the code on your phone. If it’s something you’d order online, such as a pizza or a film from a streaming service, you’ll get a code to enter.

‘Free Domino’s, Café Rouge and cinema – I’ve used it loads’

We asked MoneySavers if they’ve used the app and what freebies they’ve got – here’s what they told us:

And Wuntu’s a big hit with several members of the team at MSE Towers too.

I can’t get enough of freebies, especially when they’re super easy to claim. Checking the app is now the first thing I do on a Wednesday morning as sometimes the offers are very limited.” MSE Weleid

I’ve used it loads – free pizza from Domino’s, free burger and chips at Café Rouge and Las Iguanas, free cinema tickets, free candy, free chocolate from Hotel Chocolat, free Costa coffee. Don’t give it too much publicity!MSE Karl

(Sorry Karl…)

DON’T see Wuntu as a reason to switch to Three

However good it may sound, don’t switch to Three simply so you can get Wuntu. While the freebies and offers are a nice perk, it’s going to take more than a few free coffees, pizzas and cinema tickets to make it worth moving to a contract or PAYG deal which isn’t right for you. See our Cheap Mobile Tips guide for how to cut your mobile costs and find the cheapest deal.

It’s worth noting though that some do have a second Sim from Three, in addition to their normal Sim, to take advantage of its Feel At Home promotion while abroad. If that’s you, you can use your Three Sim to qualify for the deals.

Is there a trick to get Wuntu even if NOT with Three?

In theory Wuntu is only for Three customers. Yet with the similar O2 Priority scheme, there’s a trick which means EVERYONE can get it – simply order a free PAYG Sim and put it in your phone to register.

We asked Three if you can do the same with Wuntu, and order a free PAYG Three Sim to qualify. It told us this IS possible currently, but that it’s introducing new registration and rules around the use of the app to stop this in the near future. It’s also not clear if you’d need to put your Three Sim into your phone every time you open the app.

We haven’t been able to test it ourselves yet, but have just got out mitts on a free Three PAYG Sim, so as soon as we’ve tried it out, we’ll let you know what the score is.