Consume a LOT of mobile data? Under 26? Take a look at this…

There’s a newish kid on the mobiles block…and Vodafone is behind it. Voxi is setting out to capture the youth market by offering unlimited data for popular apps – here’s the download:

  • Unlimited video & music data (for 6 months). Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music – but with a catch
  • Unlimited social & chat data (ongoing). Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp
  • Unlimited calls, texts and general use data (ongoing). 2GB for £10, 5GB for £15 & 15GB for £20
  • Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) so no contracts. No credit score so you can cancel at any time
  • Vodafone-in-disguise. Voxi is owned and run by the mobile giant
  • Get a £10 Amazon voucher on top
  • Get it all via this Voxi link*

Like what you see? Read on now – and don’t fall foul to the big catch.

Who’s it good for?

First up, you have to be under 26 – and be able to prove it. You also need to be a devoted user of the included apps on-the-go to make the most of the free data. Plough through a lot of data outside of these, or on Wifi, and there are better deals available. Opting for the free video and music passes adds real value – after six months, this deal loses its appeal.

Who’s it from?

It’s from Vodafone – in disguise. The deal is from Voxi*, a newish brand from Vodafone designed to appeal to those 25 and under.

The core offering – Unlimited calls, texts and general use data

On the face of it, the core offering doesn’t provide great value – and there are better value PAYG deals out there with more data – Giffgaff provides 3GB for £10 for example. Read on for the real value.

Voxi Plans
Cost per month £10 £15 £20
Data 2GB 5GB 15GB
Calls Unlimited
Texts Unlimited

Where it gets interesting – the unlimited data passes

You can go to town with the below apps – such as Netflix and YouTube – and still won’t make a dent in your data allowance. The social and chat passes are included as standard and until 9 May you can get the video and music passes free for the first six months. After this they add on a combined £14/mth – pushing the cheapest base package to a pretty hefty £24/mth. Both run on a 30 day rolling basis though, so you can cancel at any time. See full details below.

Pass What you get…
Social Pass Free unlimited data when using: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
Chat Pass Free unlimited data when using: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber
Music Pass Sign up by 9 May Free for six months then £5/month. Unlimited data when using: Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Prime Music, Soundcloud & Napster
Video Pass Sign up by 9 May Free for six months then £9/month. Unlimited data when using: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Life, My5, TV Player, UKTV Play & Vevo

There’s a big catch

Here’s the biggie. The unlimited data is only available when you have general use data left. Use up your monthly allowance and the endless data ends. And it’s expensive to add more on top. Equally, at the end of the 30 days you will lose any unused allowances. Also, to avoid any uncertainty here, only the data is covered for each app with the pass, you still need to pay to access any apps where a subscription is required, i.e Netflix.

Its pay-as-you-go, so no contracts

You buy each 30 day pack in advance with a debit or credit card so there’s no credit check. Plus you can cancel or change your plan pack at any time.

Get a £10 Amazon voucher on top

As usual, we’ve blagged a deal just for you lovely lot. Until 14 March, provided you’re new to the Voxi plans – even if you’re changing from Vodafone –  you can purchase a Sim via this Voxi link* to receive a £10 Amazon voucher. You’ll need to enter your name and email on that link and instructions on how to claim will follow by email 30 days after you’ve activated your Sim – which you must do by 28 March.

Are there better deals?

For full info and our top Sim picks check out the Best Sim only deals. As a quick comparison, if you’re happy to undergo a credit check and commit to a 12-month contract, there are comparable deals which also give you a decent data allowance. Virgin Mobile currently offers 1,500 mins & 4GB for £8/mth or, for higher data, Three provides 12GB for £14/mth. However, if you max out the video and music passes for six months, Voxi could prove a tough deal to beat.