New, seriously cheap deal from Eversmart Energy – but should you go for it?

Last week, we saw a new cheapest energy deal hit the market, and it's seriously cheap - over £390 a year less than the average big six standard tariff. The next cheapest deal's a whopping £40 more. 

Yet it’s from a small, very new energy provider, and as with all such suppliers there’s always a risk jumping on board in the early days – the customer service.

And unfortunately, we seen time and time again that just grabbing the cheapest energy deal going can lead to problems down the line when it comes to service.

What’s the new cheap deal?

It’s from Eversmart Energy, which started supplying gas and electricity back in August 2016.

On average, someone using a ‘typical’ amount of gas & electricity would pay £767/year on its new Fixed Smart Special tariff – one of the cheapest fixed deals we’ve seen since 2016, when wholesale prices (the prices suppliers pay for the energy) were lower.  

As the name suggests, this tariff is designed for those with smart meters or who want them installed.

When it launched the deal, it came in a massive £40/year cheaper than the previous cheapest on the market, and £43/year under the next best fix…

Provider  Tariff Price/year
Eversmart Energy Fixed Smart Special £767
Outfox the Market  Zapp tariff £807
OneSelect (1)  Secure Spring 1 Year Fixed 2018 £810
Avg big six standard tariff - £1,159

I’ve not heard of Eversmart Energy – what’s its story?

We know is that it’s a new, independent supplier based in Manchester and it’s signed up around 15,000 customers since it started supplying back in 2016.

However, we’re not in a position to comment on its customer service as it got just 11 votes in our latest poll – not nearly enough to give us a clue on how it performs on service.

Elsewhere, it’s a similar story – with only 51 reviews on Trustpilot (scoring 5.9/10), again not nearly enough to judge. 

How can it price so cheaply?

It’s difficult to say for certain – we approached the supplier with this question, and Dan Jones, Operations Manager at Eversmart Energy told us:

“As Manchester’s first domestic supplier we pride ourselves in being able to competitively price our tariffs whilst still offering a great customer service.

“The smart metering rollout has helped to massively drop operational costs within the business, allowing us to pass on the benefits to our customer base.”

Is it a good deal for me, and can I get it?

The Eversmart tariff’s only available if you have dual fuel and pay by monthly direct debit. To see how it stacks up for you, do a full market comparison on our Cheap Energy Club – prices vary by region and usage, so it may not necessarily be your cheapest.

Though it’s billed as a smart meter tariff, Eversmart have told us it’s not a requirement to get them - it says it encourages customers to have smart meters installed, but if you really don’t want them, or already have them, you can still get the deal (more info on the pros and cons in our smart meter guide).

Finally, Eversmart offers what it calls a loyalty payment – so stay with it for 12 months and you get £20, whether you stick with it or not. It’ll add this to your account, so if comes off your gas and electricity bill if you stick with them, or it will put it on your final bill if you switch.

This £20 offer isn’t on all tariffs, but Eversmart told us you can get it with the very cheap Fixed Smart Special deal.

I can get the deal – but should I?

It’s cheap, so if you’re just after the best rates, and if it comes out top when you do your comparison, then why not go for it?

If you’re a bit more cautious – maybe you prefer to stick with one of the energy firms you’ve heard or at least one that’s had a bit more feedback – you may want to try another option.

Our Cheap Energy Club can help whatever you’re looking for – try our ‘big name comparison’ to see the deals from the major suppliers, or check our ‘superb service comparison’ for ones that did well in our latest customer service poll.

Ultimately, it’s your choice, take a gamble on a newbie firm for the best rates, or pay slightly more for a big firm or a one with a decent track record.