Passwords, pocket money & power tools – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Outside the sun may be blaring, but the MSE Forum hasn't slowed down for a moment. Here are a few highlights from this week.

Silk, milk & misty honey – this week's MSE Forum highlights

There's nary a lull in the MSE Forum and this week's no exception, with gripes about clumsy puppies and husbands alongside pleas for tracking down a nostalgic chocolate bar. Here is your latest instalment of highlights.

Bees, budgets & bed slats – this week's MSE Forum highlights

It's a slightly slenderer MSE Forum highlights round-up this time, what with the Platinum Jubilee cutting the working week short. Nonetheless, it's a good'un. Here's a skim of what's been happening in the community this week.

Stoozing, sublets & summer sips – this week's MSE Forum highlights

One day, we might be able to beam our money-related thoughts straight into the MSE Forum. For now, though, keyboards, swipe pads and dictation will have to do. Here's a selection of this week's highlights.

Blenders, bills & birds of prey – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Come visit the MSE Forum, where the shutters are never down and everyone knows your (user)name. Here's a selection of this week's highlights.

Camembert, coffee and combined appliances – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Food has been this week's major talking point on the MSE Forum, from the price of a tub of margarine to how meal planning can make your grocery spending go further. Here's our selection of highlights from around the boards.

'I ran up £1,000s in debt while suffering from depression... now I'm digging myself out of it'

I usually write blogs as the 'MoneySavingIdiot', chronicling my attempts to practise what we preach at MSE (the last one was on switching bank accounts). But as this is a more personal blog, written ahead of World Mental Health Day, I thought it would be better coming from MSE Kelvin. So, here's my tale of my own mental health struggles and how I've battled credit card debt...

12 ways to STOP wasting food and drink

Are you always throwing out food that’s gone off? In November it was claimed that new food labelling guidance could save shoppers £1 billion a year by prolonging the lifespan of food and stopping edible items being thrown out. That’s likely to be introduced later this year – but in the meantime we’ve 12 tips to help you stop throwing...

Selfies, stamps & sandwich makers – this week's MSE Forum highlights

Like an industrious beehive, the MSE Forum runs on community spirit. Fly in for MoneySaving tips, support, light relief or a sympathetic ear. Below are a few of this week's highlights.