Where to find a virtual pub quiz while you're stuck at home – there's one for every night of the week

Pubs might have closed across the UK, but if you're missing the quiz night at your local, there's a way you can get your pub trivia fix at home. 'Virtual' pub quizzes have started popping up online, and thousands are joining in – it's thought over 300,000 took part in one quiz, organised by a former pub landlord in Lancashire. Here's how to find one and keep your brain exercised during the evenings ahead.

While all the quizzes below are free to play, some are offering prizes or giveaways and may suggest a small donation to help with costs, but this is optional. Most are just a bit of fun, and as they take place online in the form of a live video stream with comments alongside them, they can also be a way to socialise with others you may or may not know – you could even make new online pals – and do something a bit different in the evenings.

Given current restrictions on gatherings, you'll be playing individually, unless you can form a team within your household, but you and your friends could all join in separately if you wanted. Plus, for the authentic pub experience you could also be prepared with drinks and bar snacks (as always, please be Drinkaware).

Below are the weekly online quizzes we've found so far. While some are linked with a specific pub that may be nowhere near where you live, these are all online, so anyone from anywhere can join. You could even do one every night of the week if you wanted...

EVERY night

7pm, Goose's Quizzes, Edinburgh. Take part via game-streaming site Twitch and fill out the answers on a special Google Form answer sheet – the deadline to submit the form is 5pm the following day, and the winner is announced at the start of the next quiz. While there's no fee, the organisers suggest those taking part donate the price of a pint (£3-£4ish if you can afford it) to help them carry on offering free quizzes.

New. 9pm, The Self-Isolation Pub Quiz with Gil Kolirin. Via Facebook. Actor and producer Gil Kolirin has had parts in Hollyoaks and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He's hosting a quiz every night "for the ultimate lock-in"... No prizes here, it's just for fun.


7pm, The Pembury Tavern, London. Via Instagram Live. This quiz even has prizes – in the past, these have included brewery tours and £20 bar tabs (which will obviously have to be redeemed at a future date, once pubs are open again). If there's a tie, the organisers pick winners at random from the highest scorers.

8pm, The Alexandra, London. Take part via landlord Mick's FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages. There are no prizes here, it's just for fun.


7pm, Big Drop Brewing Co. Via its YouTube channel. Organiser James hosts the quiz from a cabin at the bottom of his garden. There are no overall prizes for winning the quiz, but the company says it will try and run some giveaways via the live chat.


7pm, PJ Quiz Co. Via Facebook. Quizmaster Paul Jackson has been hosting pub quizzes for 10 years, but the recent coronavirus pandemic has forced him to take his skills online. There are no prizes, but you can join players from around the world for a bit of fun and "banter". There's another quiz at 7pm on Sundays.

New. 8pm, Virtual Pub Quiz Wednesdays. Via Facebook. Quizmaster Adam Tungatt usually hosts pub quizzes around London, and has started offering quizzes online to keep people entertained during the current lockdown. If you miss the live quiz, you can re-watch via YouTube. No prizes for this one.


10am, The Henry. Via its Facebook page. Wadworth Brewery, in Devizes, Wiltshire, has set up a 'virtual pub' on Facebook called The Henry, where its regulars can continue their chat. Perhaps a little early for some, its weekly online pub quiz takes place at 10am. There's no prize, it's just for fun.

New. 5pm, Bath Rugby's 'Swift Half' Pub Quiz. Via Facebook. Bath Rugby is running weekly pub quizzes, in association with Bath Ales and Thatchers (which are providing prizes). It's a little more serious than the others, as you need to register to be in with a chance to win a prize. The quiz will be streamed on Facebook, where you'll be given a link to a website called Menti to enter your answers.

8.15pm, The Virtual Pub Quiz by Jay Flynn. Via YouTube. Former pub landlord, Jay Flynn, set up an online quiz, expecting a few people from his local area to join in... and reportedly over 300,000 actually tuned in to take part. It's just for fun, no prizes here.

New. 9pm, The Social Distancing Quiz with 'Lisa off of Eggheads'. Via Facebook. Lisa Thiel, one of the 'Eggheads' from the popular TV quiz show, has been hosting a quiz online. Given her credentials, it's likely to be a tricky one, so best for those keen for a challenge. Again, no prizes for this one.


7pm, PJ Quiz Co. Via Facebook. As above, you can play these on Wednesdays and Sundays.

New. 7pm/8pm, Josh Weller's Sunday Night Music Quiz. Via Instagram Live. Comedian Josh Weller is hosting a music quiz every Sunday – the time can vary so check his Instagram page in advance if you're keen to take part. No prizes here.

Let us know if you've tried any of the quizzes above or if you've found one we've missed, in the forum or in the comments below.