How to navigate the new MSE Forum homepage

On the heels of an independent audit, the MSE Forum underwent some major changes and has levelled up dramatically. One of the biggest differences is its shiny new homepage design. Read on to get acquainted with its features.

We're keen for you to explore, and if you find any bugs or issues, we'd be grateful if you could let us know via our feedback form.

If you're not a Forumite yet, you can sign up to the MSE Forum with your email address. As a member, you'll be part of an epic community of MoneySavers, not to mention one of the UK's largest forums.

A few of the new features

Pictured below is the top segment of the new homepage in all its teal-and-coral glory. 

We've pulled out and explained some features that might interest you. If you're more of a visual learner, you might prefer to skip down to our how-to video.

If you're already a regular user of the Forum, these are some of the new functionalities to try out. If you're brand new, they're a good place to start finding your way around.

1. Switch to the 'old' style view

Perhaps you're already a Forumite and you prefer the previous homepage layout. By clicking 'View all boards', you get a view that's similar to the old format. All boards are listed here in one place.

2. Top-level category boards

The nine titles you see beneath 'Browse the Forum' are the overarching categories under which all boards are arranged. (There are ten categories in total – click 'View all boards' for the complete list.)

If you're a seasoned Forumite you'll probably recognise most of them, but as part of our update we've removed some of them and added others. For example, Reduce Debt & Boost Income is one of the new additions.

3. Bookmark discussions and 'favourite' boards

You can see a list of any discussions you've bookmarked and any board you've 'favourited' from the box on the homepage or within the left-hand menu on all pages. If you want to bookmark something, click the icon that sits at the top of all discussion pages and that thread will be added. Click the ‘favourite’ icon, found at the top of every board, to add it to the list.

4. Relevant new content from

Scroll down the homepage and you'll find the useful slices of content we've pulled through from It's a neat showcase of the latest and most relevant news, guides, deals and tools.

5. Discover a new board via Community Spotlight

We'll be changing what we feature in this spot regularly, turning a spotlight on one of the Forum's popular boards. For other ways to browse, rather than search for a specific topic, you might like to see the list of Recent discussions across all boards.

6. Save draft posts

Handily, if you've written something you don't want to post right away, you can save it as a draft. Find your drafts all in one place by clicking 'All drafts' from the left-hand side of any board or discussion page. If you don’t have any drafts, you won’t see this option.

The Forum has been a key part of MSE since it came into being two decades ago, but the recent independent audit showed us there was plenty we could do to update it to reflect the evolving needs of our users. So we opened the bonnet and got to work.

The result is a unique Forum for MoneySavers that’s safer, more accessible, friendlier and future-proofed, but still with a full tank of MoneySaving tricks, tips and information.

~ MSE Marcus, Editor-in-Chief

Watch our how-to video

Let MSE Oli guide you through the points above through the magic of video.

Welcome to the new MoneySavingExpert Forum homepage
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Make sure to read the new rules too

The new homepage design isn't the only change to the Forum – there's an updated set of Forum rules too. It's essential you read them before posting, because they outline the ways in which we expect Forumites to:

  • Keep it kind and keep it clean.
  • Stay on track.
  • Protect yourself.

Remember to use the feedback form

We want – no, need – your feedback in order to get the Forum performing at its most elite. Please report any bugs or issues to us by completing the dedicated feedback form. Thank you.