Solar energy payments are set to be slashed - will getting panels still be worth it?

The sun is to set on solar energy payments next March, as the Government proposes to end the payment scheme for generating solar energy and exporting it back to the grid. 

Heading away this summer? Don't fall foul of mobile charges

Just as football fever has kicked off around the world, it's also a whole year since we’ve been able to roam for ‘free’ in Europe (yes, we thought it had been longer, too). And while there's bargains to be grabbed to many popular destinations, if you're not careful, your mobile bill for visiting some surprisingly common holiday hotspots could set you back more than your trip.   

Facebook overhauls its privacy settings – how to protect your data

Facebook has overhauled the way you manage its privacy settings and data shared with third parties – and you can now even choose which ads you see.

Is regulation on the way for heat networks?

Heat networks could soon be regulated after a Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation found that many people are facing higher prices and have less protection over the service they receive.

New, seriously cheap deal from Eversmart Energy – but should you go for it?

Last week, we saw a new cheapest energy deal hit the market, and it's seriously cheap - over £390 a year less than the average big six standard tariff. The next cheapest deal's a whopping £40 more. 

Facebook introduces bulk app removal tool – how to stop third-party applications having access to your data

The news headlines about how social networks use our personal information show no sign of abating, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week apologising for the misuse of its users’ data following the Cambridge Analytica scandal – but there are ways to reclaim at least some of your privacy online. We recently told you how to stop...

Check your Facebook settings NOW – it’s likely you’re allowing third-party applications to access your data

Did you know, you’ve probably given numerous third-party applications access to all your personal data through Facebook, without even realising? If you’ve ever logged in to almost anything via Facebook, eg, booking sites or streaming services, used public Wi-Fi, played Candy Crush or answered any fun quizzes at any point, you’ll be affected. If you quickly ticked...

My electricity costs HOW MUCH?! Rogue smart meter tells MoneySaver she owes £100,000+

Energy costs may have been higher than usual over the past few weeks given the recent cold snap – but one MoneySaver got a REAL shock when checking her smart meter. Sainsbury’s Energy customer Janette McAdam, 59, found she’d apparently racked up a bill of more than £100,000 in just one day, and is used to her...

Consume a LOT of mobile data? Under 26? Take a look at this…

There’s a newish kid on the mobiles block…and Vodafone is behind it. Voxi is setting out to capture the youth market by offering unlimited data for popular apps – here’s the download: Unlimited video & music data (for 6 months). Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music – but with a catch Unlimited social & chat data (ongoing). Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook,...

How to withdraw your money from Coinbase

Bitcoin – the word on everyone’s lips at the end of last year – is in the news again, though this time the graphs are all heading in the other direction. The value of the cryptocurrency has nosedived in recent days, with a Bitcoin now worth less than £6,000, having been worth over twice as much in...