How ‘random acts of kindness’ can earn you FREEBIES at Lush, Pret A Manger & more

Did you know there are three important things in life? The first is to be kind. The second, to be kind and the third? You guessed it – be kind. I may have butchered that quote from Henry James, but I think we can all agree – we should always strive to be kind, and not just on Random Acts of Kindness Day (17 February).

Why Asda was right to reinstate food bank collections

Its £3.50 ‘wonky veg’ box was a small victory in the ongoing war on waste – so what on earth was Asda thinking when it removed food bank collections from its stores? Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste programme last year brought into focus the huge food waste taking place across the country, with supermarkets AND consumers to...