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14th Sep 2011
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14 September 2011


MSE News

Martin's Quick Briefing

The top 10 do-nows for Christmas
It's 100 days to go. Early action means big savings

This Friday's 100 days till Christmas. I hate how Christmas creeps up but every January many complain "I'm skint now" as if Christmas was a surprise. Well, here's a date for your diary: it'll be on 25 December again, & prevention beats cure ...

1. Try the DemoHoHotivator. shows how much you can save with small sacrifices to boost your Christmas cash. Eg, cut out crisps and Coke every working day and you'll save £140.
2. The Top 10 do-nows for Christmas Bag 5% off ALL Christmas shopping. Capital One* World Mastercard pays a huge 5% cashback on all spending on up to £2,000 in the first 99 days. So apply now if you're planning a hefty Christmas spend. Repay IN FULL each month or the 19.9% representative APR dwarfs the gain. To get it, you must earn £20,000+, be 21+ & a homeowner. If that's not you (and for full info) see the Top Cashback Cards guide (and Official APR Example).
3. Xmas Travelodge rooms sub-£15. If you're visiting relatives, budget chain Travelodge still has some sub-£15 rooms for 23 Dec 2 Jan. Yet GO QUICK to bag prime dates. Full help: Travelodge Sale
4. Christmas costs £650, use 4 mths' income. Typical family Xmas spending is £650, too much for most from December's pay alone. So why not put money aside each month now, at no cost (better than borrowing & paying back later with interest). Work out how much you need and put a quarter aside in Sept, Oct and Nov. If you can't afford that, cut your cloth accordingly.
5. Max cash from old mobiles (eg, £150). To generate cash, don't just flog old phones to anyone, use our MobileValuer Mobile Selling Comparison to speedily find top payers so you avoid the worst, eg, HTC Desire Z £120 (some buyers pay just £55) or iPhone 3GS 16GB £145 (some pay just £80).
6. Play Freebie Roulette: Our Freebies, Freebies, Freebies guide lists 100s of giveaways, from make-up to tea, plus a freebie roulette machine. Save them up for an Xmas freebie tombola (MSE Lee does this for his family every year).
7. Reclaim lost Tesco points, then treble 'em. Quickly check and reclaim lost vouchers online. Many have found £100+. Yet DON'T save them for festive food, check Tesco's Rewards to triple their value (£10 becomes £30) on items such as jewellery or mags. See Reclaim Tesco Vouchers
8. Turn old gold into Christmas cash. Postal gold produces more horror stories than Hollywood, but we have found a few good 'uns, eg, £105 for an 18ct gold ring. For full help and guidance see the Gold-Selling guide.
9. Set up a Christmas cupboard. Set aside space for Xmas goodies now, and plan your shopping list. Then keep track of vouchers/sales and be ready to pounce. We'll help in this email (if someone has forwarded it, get it free here), plus the Discount Voucher page, Grabbit while you can and Christmas forums.
10. Amazon hidden gift discounts of 80%+. For stocking fillers our ever-popular Amazon Discount Finder manipulates web-links to create customised bargain basement pages, eg, 90%+ off kids' DVDs* & 90%+ off toys*.

Far too many ask themselves "what'd make a perfect Christmas?" (or Eid, Chanucah or Diwali) leaving them disappointed or in debt. Instead, first calculate your Christmas budget (see free Budget Planner), then plan the best day within that. If you're skint, don't push it - a thrifty Christmas beats a debt-filled new year.

For a full Christmas prep plan, read Christmas MoneySaving 2011.

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14 Sept 2011

New 0% balance transfer with HALF the fee
Save £1,000s on existing debts | Until Oct, shift debt to 0% for 15 months with just 1.5% fee
A balance transfer lets you shift existing credit card debts to a new card at a cheaper rate. Savings can be around £150 a year per £1,000 owed. Yet fees eat into the savings, so this new deal's bonza for those who can repay quickly. A credit check's required, never miss monthly repayments, and beware spending on these cards - it isn't usually at 0%.

  • New cheapest 0% balance transferNew. 15-month 0% with half usual fee (min £1,500). New cardholders shifting debts to Lloyds Platinum* usually get 0% for 15 months with a standard 3% fee of the amount transferred. Yet, shift £1,500+ by 30 Oct and half the fee's refunded. Try to repay before the 0% ends or the rate jumps to a big 17.9% representative APR.
  • New. 16-month 0% - fee 1.99%. For shifting under £1,500 the new Virgin* 16mth 0% deal has a low 1.99% fee (via MoneySup). Jumps to 16.6% rep APR after.
  • Long 0% for 22 months - fee 2.9%. New Barclaycard* holders get 22 months 0% with a 2.9% fee, plus shift £2,000+ and it refunds £20. For those who already have Barclaycard, Halifax* is 22 months 0% with a 3.5% fee for transfers under £3,000 and Natwest* 18 months 0% with 2.8% fee. Repay before the 0% ends or rates jump to 17.5%, 17.9% and 16.6% representative APR, respectively.
  • When does low fee beat long 0%? If you can repay within the shorter 0% period, go for the lower fee. If you need only a few months longer and make consistent repayments, low-fee cards usually still win (as the debt's small when the higher APR hits). Yet if you're unsure, don't risk it, go for the longer 0% deals. Try playing with our easy-use Which Card is Cheapest? calc. If you need much longer then balance transfer again before the 0% rate ends.

FULL step-by-step and best-buys for even longer transfers in the Updated Guide: Balance Transfers (and Official APR Examples) Related: 0% for 15mths on Spending, Cheap Loans

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ASOS 20% off code | Instant Gap 30% & Dorothy Perkins 25% vouchers. Plus Debenhams & New Look 15% off, Wallis £5 off £30, The Entertainer 10% off & more. See Deals Note: Discount Vouchers

£24 of posh choccie £3. Sign up for the £10 Tasting Club (from Hotel Chocolat group) via a cashback site and you get £7 back - you'll need to cancel later. See Deals Note: Hot Bargains

40% off Odeon voucher | O2 users free popcorn/hotdog | Use 'em together. The two deals combined makes a bazinga cinema trip with 40% off tickets and free popcorn, hot dog or nachos. Full info & more in the Deals Note: Cheap Cinema

Free office software or £33 Microsoft Office (worth £350)
Get FREE Office-compatible downloads & software | Or special Microsoft discount deal

It's back to school time, so students, teachers, parents and pupils take note (and, frankly, anyone else, too): there are hundreds of legal programs you can download to make the most of your computer or laptop without having to spend a penny. Our re-researched Free Office Software guide includes:

  • Get office software on your PC or Mac for nowtFree office suite downloads. There's no need to shell out for expensive programs. High-class, legal, professionally-developed alternatives such as OpenOffice or OxygenOffice are available for nowt and include equivalents of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Better still, they're compatible with many Microsoft documents. Worth giving 'em a try before shelling out more. Full help in Free Office Software revisions.
  • Microsoft Office 2010 £33 (worth £350) for some. Anyone with an '' email address (school pupils, students, teachers) can register to get a heavily-discounted version of its high-end Microsoft Office Pro 2010 (parents, you can get it for your computer using your child's email), at just £33.18 (£350 on Amazon). You can only purchase one per student.
  • Free photo editing programs. Got a load of holiday snaps to show off? Download a free photo editing suite where you can crop, resize, touch up and polish your pictures before sharing them.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There's video editing, PC clearers, file converters and more all for free. For info on those, and why so much free software exists, see the Updated Guide: Free Software Related: Free Anti-Virus Software

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Forum Hottie

27p Ariel stain remover products. Use £2 off coupon in Sainsbury's to get already-discounted Ariel stain remover even cheaper. Full details in the Deals Note: Hot bargains

Stop Press! Ryanair's sticking two fingers up at you! It already charges £12 return per person to pay (on top of the advertised price), avoidable only with a prepaid mastercard. Now it's stopping that and saying you'll need its OWN mastercard – see Ryanair fees fiasco news

Forum Hottie

80p flip flops & dinner plates, £2 tees with Matalan clearance code. 20% off already sub-£5 sale. Clearance items so sizes & stock limited. £2 delivery. Deals Note: Matalan Deals

Over 8 million hit by 18% energy price hikes. Save £100s/yr
Eon, SSE, SWALEC, Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro & Atlantic UP avg 11% for elec, 18% gas

Five of the big six have announced big price rises. British Gas & Scottish Power's have already hit, yesterday (Tues) Eon joined them, and today Scottish & Southern (and its subsidiaries listed above) does too. If you haven't sorted your bills ...

  • Energy price hikesBlock future price rises and save £100s. A fixed tariff ensures your rate won't rise for a set period, eg, 2 years, so you get the surety of no more hikes. Those on standard tariffs can cut costs and fix. For a typical home Eon is now £1,293 a year, SSE £1,265 but many can fix for £250 a year less. Full pros & cons in the full fixing FAQ.
  • Speedily find your cheapest fix (and get cashback/wine). To see which is your cheapest and how much you'll save, plug your details into a comparison site and click the 'show only fixed tariffs' tab. Top Comparison: If it can switch you, Energyhelpline* pays £15 cashback per switch whether on gas, electricity or both. Dual Fuel: MoneySupermarket* pays £30 cash, Uswitch* a crate of wine (these deals only via above links, not direct).
  • If not fixing, STICK for now. If you don't want to or can't fix (eg, on a super cheap variable tariff, so fixing's costly) hold fire and wait until all the big suppliers have raised prices to compare. Otherwise, you could just be jumping from the frying pan into the fire by moving to a provider that hikes prices even more than yours.

For full info, how to cut costs and more help, see the Updated Guide: Cheap Gas & Elec Related: Cheap Prepay Gas & Elec, Mis-sold Energy? Reclaim, Free Solar Panels, Energy Grants, plus Martin's Wholesale prices dropping? blog

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Energy salesman told to read explicit mags before knocking on your door. Wondered why some are so aggressive? Read these truly shocking energy salesman confessions

Find hidden Kindle games | Kindle refurbs £80 (RRP £111). We reveal secret functions on the ebook giant plus how to buy the device from £80 in the Deals Note: Cheap Kindles

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leftcorner leftcorner

Tell friends about us! They can get this free every week

Pls click this & sign the financial petition (takes 20 secs). We're on 60,000 signatures & it's pretty much confirmed if 100,000 support 'compulsory financial education in schools' we'll get a parliamentary debate as Justin Tomlinson MP's agreed to sponsor, so please sign it.

Uggs codes. Get £123 shorts, £145 talls. Uggs are never cheap, but if you're buying 'em anyway, £20 off The Hut & 25% off Javari codes cut the cost. See Deals Note: Cheap Uggs

New. Student fees 2012 VIDEO guide
Uni applications for 2012 are now open | While the price tag may be £50,000, many pay far, far less

There's widespread fear around the up to £9,000 fees charged for 2012 starters in England. Now applications are open, the worry is people will be unnecessarily put off. So we've a raft of resources to help you understand how it works, and tackle the myths and misunderstandings.

  • Free student fees 2012 VIDEO guideDid you know? 1) You don't need cash to pay for uni. 2) Repayment only starts once you've left and earn £21,000+. 3) Monthly repayments will be the same whether your course has £9,000 or £6,000 fees. 4) 2012 starters repay LESS each month than today's graduates. 5) You will probably repay for 30 years. If you didn't know these, do the rest in the full Student Fees 2012 - 20 key facts guide.
  • 'What'll it really cost?' calculator. Many yell that 2012 starters taking max tuition and maintenance loans will leave with a dire £50,000 debt. We wish it wasn't true, but it is. Yet it's mostly meaningless, as repayments depend only on earnings after graduation. works it out for you. Low earners repay very little, high earners repay much more.
  • New Video. Martin takes you through it. Grab a cuppa and settle down to watch the student finance video guide filmed in front of parents and potential students at UCL (the sound is dodgy for first minute) Important: Feel free to show the video at parents' groups, schools, unis or even UK-wide cinema chains (if you've the pull).
  • How to apply for uni: Full time students apply via UCAS online or via school/college (£11 for one course, £22 for more). Deadlines: 15 Oct: Dentistry, medicine, vet courses and Oxbridge. 15 Jan: All courses bar art and design (24 Mar). Part-time it depends on uni, but it can be later (up to 31 July).

Related: Top Student Accounts 2011, Graduate Accounts 2011, Parents Guide to 2011 Student Finance

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Free Jack Daniel's + mixer at 21 Pitcher & Pianos. Print voucher for a free Jack Daniel's and Pepsi, apple juice or ginger ale, usually £4ish. Ends 30 Sept. See Deals Index: Restaurant Vouchers. Please be drinkaware

FREE £10 Max Factor lip gloss or £10 Helen E concealer (£2ish del each). Codes get you items free from two beauty sites (both charge £2ish p&p). See the Deals Note: Beauty Deals

£1 Birmingham-London train ticket sale. Chiltern Railways sale, get 'em quick! Travel weekdays from Birmingham, Solihull & Warwick to Lndn £1 each way (was £5) till 23 Sept. See Deals Note: Train Deals

Urgent! Inflation-beating savings (RPI + 1.5%)
Inflation's now a huge 5.2%, eating at savings | NS&I's closed but inflation-linked deals still exist

Inflation figures rose yesterday to 5.2%. This is a saver's nightmare, as unless their interest's higher, cash buys less when they take it out than when they put it in. Worse, last week, the Govt's NS&I bank closed its inflation-beating savings deal. There are alternatives, but be warned, there's no guarantee inflation will stay high. Those new to this please first read the inflation beating savings guide. All accounts below have full £85,000 UK Savings Protection.

  • NS&I inflation savings gone, but you can still get RPI +1.5%Ends Thurs. Top inflation-matching cash ISA. Lock cash away for 6 years in the Yorkshire Building Society (min £3,000) and it pays the greater of RPI growth or 2.5% AER per year. While the Post Office's rate below is better, Yorkshire lets you do it as a cash ISA so you can save £5,340 tax-free for this financial year if you don't already have an ISA, or can transfer in from old ISAs. Apply in branch or by post by Thurs.
  • Ends Fri. Top inflation-beating savings. Lock money away for 5 years in the Post Office Savings Inflation-Linked Bond (min £500), and it pays annual RPI inflation plus 1.5%, though this doesn't compound (no interest on interest). Forms must be received by 16 Sept, and supporting ID received by 10 Oct. Don't confuse Post Office Savings with NS&I, they're not related. Interest is fixed though, so only non-taxpayers will actually beat inflation. (Update 14 Sept 15.45pm: The Post Office bond has been withdrawn, full details & alternatives in the Inflation Beating Savings guide).
  • Top easy-access tax-free savings. If you can't lock cash away, just max your rate. You can save up to £5,340 tax-free each tax year in a cash ISA. Northern Rock's* easy-access variable e-ISA pays 3.05% AER on new money & transfers.
  • New. Top easy access standard savings. The new top penalty-free normal savings account is Derbyshire BS's NetSaver at 3.18% AER, including a 2.18% bonus until the end of Nov 2012.

Full info in the Updated Guides: Inflation Linked Savings, Top Savings Accounts, Cash ISA

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Last Chance! £60 Tesco or M&S voucher on top phone & b'band bundle. Two deals available to 80ish% of UK: TalkTalk: Until Tues, get line rental, calls & broadband for £17.05/mth all-in (incl next month's price hike) and sign up via uSwitch* to get £60 Tesco voucher. Orange: Existing Orange mobile customers get its 'unlimited' broadband & off peak calls for £17.75/month. Until Sun, sign-up via Broadbandchoices* for a £60 M&S voucher. Full info & our customer service poll results in Guide: £6.79 Line Rental Related: Cheap Broadband

Free Rileys pool clubs membership & a pint (worth £12ish). Sign up to get a free pint and annual membership (worth £10). See Deals Note: Days Out. Please drinkaware

Stuck in tax credit overpayment hell?
Been told you need to give back tax credits? | You may only have a month to appeal

In recent weeks letters have been sent out by HMRC telling people they've been overpaid or underpaid tax credits. While being one of the million who've been overpaid sounds good, it means you've been paid too much and must give it back, a nightmare if you've already spent it as we could be talking £1,000s. Our Tax Credit guide has full help, here's a summary:

  • Tax credit overpayments? Find out what to do Why do incorrect payments happen? You renew in July, and the info you give is used to ESTIMATE your entitlement for that tax year (April to April) as well as finalise the last tax year. So if your details were wrong, or things changed (your work hours, childcare costs, whether you live with a partner) and either you didn't let them know or did and they didn't register it then these small changes can mean big differences.
  • Check if there's been a mistake: If you disagree with the amount of tax credits you need give back or told HMRC things had changed, but it didn't take them into account, you may not need to repay. Send a dispute form if you gave the right info but it didn't act (no time limit) or appeal if it's got facts wrong (WITHIN a month). Full help in the Tax Credit Overpayment help.
  • Been underpaid? They should just send you the cash owed, so no worries.
  • Free 5-min benefits check-up: If you're not sure you're getting everything you're entitled to, try our special Benefits Check-up tool. Answer a series of questions and it'll show you if you're missing out.

For more help, and how to prevent overpayments, see the Updated Guide: Tax Credit Help. Related: Childcare Help

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Warning! Don't buy an iPhone. When the iPhone 4 launched, prices for the 3G and 3GS plummeted. So whether you want an iPhone 4 or 5, hold off. Updated Guide: Cheap iPhones

£10 spa days for two | £15 spa day + treatment (worth from £45). At Q Hotels nationwide via, sale ends Sun 18 Sept. See the Deals Note: Beauty Deals

Restaurant Vouchers

Discount Vouchers

Top Deals

Walkabout £4 wine & wrap Gap 30% off Co-op 3for1 toothpaste, shampoo ...
Bella Italia 2for1 Dorothy Perkins 25% off Travelodge £12 room sale
Pizza Express 2for1 Debenhams 15% off Free £13 photobooks (pay £2 p&p)
GBK £10 burger, fries & drink The Entertainer 10% off English Heritage sites free entry
Cafe Rouge 2 mains for £12 ASOS 20% off Tesco 1,000 pts on £50 food spend
All Restaurant Vouchers All Discount Vouchers More Deals

Big & Easy Ways To Save
Quick links or click the titles for full pros, cons, alternatives & more savings

See all official APR examples


£10/£20 The Elixir of Love opera tickets code (usually up to £86). Book by 8 Oct for English National Opera Sept-Oct performances at The London Coliseum. See the Deals Note: Cheap Days Out

Free Book Giveaway! The Baking Pocket Bible. 25 blagged for MoneySavers. Want one?

spill beans

Spill the beans ... What's the cheapest date you've got away with?
MoneySavers are typically a miserly bunch, but have you ever had the guts to try those thrifty skills on a date? Spill 'em: What's the cheapest date you've got away with? Past topics: View all

£10 off budget-airline beating jacket. Multi-pocketed Rufus Roo jackets let you take another 10kg on Ryanair etc. There's a new jacket and we've blagged a discount to get it for £23.50. Updated Guide: Budget Airlines

Cheap Flight Sales

Airline: Flybe Price: From £29 rtn Ends: Midnight Weds 14 Sep
Our pick this week is the Flybe September sale: The promotion's on until Weds 14 September, for flights until 24 March 2012, and includes some taxes and charges. To find the cheapest seats quickly use the FlightChecker on a £50 max search. Extra charges warning: Avoid payment and check-in charges, see the Budget Airline Fee Fighting guide. Related: Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels, Spending Abroad, Cheap Currency, Travel Insurance.

Which? says please hassle Mark Hoban MP about card surcharges. If you're fed up with fees for paying by credit or debit card, help lobby group Which? tackle Treasury Minister Mark Hoban

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Money Moral Dilemma

Should my brother get his share of Mum's will?

This week's MoneySaver who wants advice asks...
My mother has written a will leaving everything equally to her eight children. Two years ago my brother asked her for a £5,000 loan for a car, promising to pay it back when he could. Mum was taken aback, but wrote a cheque. Since then, he and his wife have had various holidays and bought three expensive dogs – but not repaid a penny. Mum "doesn't like to ask him about it", but I know it bothers her. It doesn't seem fair that my brother will get his share plus a £5,000 bonus on top. Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should my brother get his share of Mum's will? Previous MMDs: View All Suggest: A Money Moral Dilemma

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Paralympic tickets on sale for two weeks. Scam sites are expected, so ensure you buy the right way. Full details and how to protect yourself in the Forum Note: Paralympic Tickets

Spill the beans ... revealed. Your biggest money blags
Last week we asked what your biggest money blags were. Forumite canderel invested a 0% student overdraft in a 7% savings account, Emma2512 blagged some £120 jeans for turning up to store in some undies, and hilstep2000 hasn't paid full price Sky for 6 years. Read all Spilt Beans: Your biggest money blags

Quick Forum Tips

Andrea's Freebies

Top pick! 1/2 price Olay, Nivea and L'Oreal at Argos. Cream of the crop English resource tool
16 frozen burgers 50p at Asda. Beef up Blood pressure tests at Asda
Play-Doh breakfast game £9. Was £20 on Amazon. Dohn't you want it? Download university textbooks
Morrisons 1/2 price offers incl Pepsi, Muller rice, cheese & more. Top offer Lil-Lets free sample
Debt Free Wannabe chat of the week: My lightbulb moment
Competitions thread of the week: £500 Jimmy Choo vouchers
Old Style (Thrift) Board thread of the week: Frog list - stop procrastinating!
More Tips: Tips, Tricks & Treats Full List: Freebies Repository
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Martin's Stuff

Cheap Travel Cash

Latest Blogs
The FSA is dead (nearly), long live the FCA! Do you think it'll protect consumers?
Fraud is being attempted, yet the police won't act
Npower's lying salesmen tried to persuade my staff I back it!
Appearances This Week: Wed 14th - Tues 20th September

Lorraine, ITV1, Thurs, between 8.30 & 9.30am. Real Deals.

Shelagh Fogarty, Radio 5, Thurs, 12-1pm. Consumer Panel.

Daybreak, ITV1, Fri, between 7 & 8.30am. Subject tbc.

UK's Best Currency Rates
£100 will buy you:
Best Worst
Euro Flag 115.65 104.45
US Flag $ 157.20 142.92
Turkish Flag TL 276.00 250.89
Rates correct at 6.30pm Tues
Find all top currency rates
Compare travel cash
Find Martin on facebook! Martin's Facebook Page All Martin's Appearances Cheap Travel Money Guide
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Board Of The Week

Christmas MoneySaving

Christmas may be a while off yet, but it's never too early to prepare yourself. Recent discussions include handmade Christmas decorations, sharing presents and Christmas child boxes.

Question Of The Week

MoneySaving Polls

Q. Help! I booked a Ryanair flight under the name Matt, rather than Matthew, as shown on my passport. The website says its name-change fee's £110. What are my chances of getting away with no one noticing? Matt, by email.

MSE Jenny's A: Ryanair charges £110 per return to change the named passenger, which would be a huge price for a slip of the keyboard.

Don't worry, though, as Ryanair's uncharacteristically sympathetic to innocent errors. Call its helpline and it will usually amend incorrect nicknames, typos or old maiden names for a £10 admin fee.

However, if you want to a change a passenger, say, Ariel Hassle to Justin Credible, it charges £110 to alter the ticket (£160 at the airport).

Ryanair's press office says this fee's to stop travel agents buying up the lowest priced seats and reselling them. To beat all budget 'extras' airline-by-airline, see the Budget Airline Fee-Fighting guide.

This week's poll:

Does money make you happy?

Last week's poll result:

Is it time to end the 50% tax rate?

41% of those who don't pay top rate tax and those who do think it's time the 50% rate be cut. 45% think it's fine as is, leaving 13% thinking it should be higher.

Suggest a question of the week (big general issues not personal q's pls) See Full Results
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Game Of The Week

Expanded It

Can you say 'unique New York' 10 times quickly?

That's all for this week, but before we go ... How good is your gob? Is your verbosity dextrous or ridiculous. Whether it's 'Irish Wristwatch' or 'Peter Piper' do share your favourite tongue twisters.

We hope you save some money,

Martin & the MSE team

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