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28th Sep 2016
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28 September 2016
Last chance. British Gas £300/yr saving (new & existing custs)
New cheapest-ever loan
Ends Fri. FREE £30 M&S just for buying a banana
Cash is dead - ALWAYS use plastic
Vax up to 75% off clearance sale
Ending. Sky b'band & line £64 for yr
Monarch worries - your rights
Interest-free iPhone 7 - 3 vs Apple
Uni parents 'should pay 27% more'
Posh bedding code, eg, £8 duvet
Tesco Wine £15 off £100 code
72 winter plug plants £7
Ralph Lauren 20% off
'Mum lived with dementia sufferer - she got £3k+ council tax back'
£71 Smashbox beauty set £30
10,000 free Grand Designs tix

Last Chance: MSE Big Energy Switch 5

British Gas £300/yr saving
(no-brainer 5min fix for new & existing custs)

- We've negotiated cheaper than the cheapest gas & elec
- Lock in NOW before the cold winter hits
- 'I've saved without even leaving British Gas'

Update. Tuesday 4 Oct, 10.22am: The Big Energy Switch Event 5 has now ended but you can still save up to a typical £300/yr+ via our Cheap Energy Club. We've left the write-up untouched below as it's still packed full of ways to save, even if some of the deals mentioned have expired.

The clock's ticking. Our 5th MSE collective switch ends 11.59pm on Monday, and it's a major chance to slash energy costs before cold weather big bills hit. A collective is where a trusted intermediary (ie, us or a council) gets energy firms to bid to provide special tariffs, and with the weight of 11m email recipients & 2.2m Cheap Energy Club members, ours are seriously hot (not NI sadly).

A mammoth 110,000+ have already switched since we launched this two weeks ago. They include:

Donald: "@MartinSLewis Just switched today with British Gas (from British Gas) and saved £526/yr. Thanks."

Deborah: "Thank you. Switched to BG, saved £40+pm [so £480/yr]. Easy."

Even if you switched to a cheap fix before, remember - once it ends your price could jump by up to 50% as you're moved onto a standard tariff.

• Are you eligible for Big Switch 5? Ofgem rules now mean we need to pre-register people for collective switches. You need to have been on the distribution list for this email or registered for Cheap Energy Club before 8pm on 12 Sep.

How can I check I can get it? You can check you're registered or speed straight over to the Cheap Energy Club comparison, and if you can get the collective, it'll be in your results.

What if I'm not eligible? You can still save big (just not quite as much) - many can still slash £100s/yr off bills. We've seen some of the cheapest deals disappear in recent months though, so act quick and use our Top Picks Comparison to see what you can get.

I'm eligible - can I change my email? First use the registered email, but when actually switching you can give a new one on the form (and you can return after switching & change it with Cheap Energy Club too).
• The cheapest deal (dual fuel). Special British Gas tariff - EXISTING British Gas customers can get it too. It's not often the UK's largest supplier competes on price, but British Gas is our cheapest dual-fuel, direct-debit (so not prepay) tariff.

The MSE British Gas Collective Fix Oct 2017 tariff (not for elec-only/gas-only) locks in the rate for a year and saves someone with typical use on a Big 6 standard tariff £300/yr. To get it, you need to do a comparison via our link - you can't get it from BG direct.

And it's not just switchers to British Gas who can get it, EXISTING British Gas (and Sainsbury's Energy) customers are eligible, which for most is a no-brainer, as it's far cheaper. Even if you switched to British Gas in our last collective, you can get it (though it might not be cheaper - see Already on BG collective help). Plus BG won't charge exit penalties, even if you're already locked in. The key facts:

- You also get £30 dual-fuel cashback from Cheap Energy Club.
- As it's a fix, the rate (not cost, that depends on use) is fixed for 1yr.
- It's available for dual-fuel ONLY (ie, gas & elec together) incl Eco 7.
- You must opt to pay by monthly direct debit.
- Leave early and there's a £40 exit fee.
- If you move home you can take it with you.
- The Warm Home Discount is available with this provider.

How it compares for someone with typical usage
Avg price on Ofgem typical dual-fuel direct-debit use (varies by region)

Typical cost: Current avg Big 6 standard tariff: £1,063/yr
Typical cost: Current British Gas standard tariff: £1,044/yr
MSE Special: BG fix: £755/yr + £30 cashback, £40 exit fee
Next cheapest: E.on (not for its existing custs) £760/yr + £30 MSE cashback, £30/fuel exit fee

Get YOUR EXACT PRICE & saving via a full market comparison

- Good for you if: 1) You want the cheapest deal. 2) You're with BG or Sainsbury's & don't want to change firm. 3) You're happy to switch again in 12mths (if not, see the two-year fix below).

- Not for you if: 1) You only want electricity.

- How's customer service? British Gas scored 38% 'great' and 31% 'poor' in our May 2016 poll. Yet as part of our collective we've arranged for it to provide boosted customer service resource for our switch, and anecdotal feedback on that (we've not polled) is positive.
• Cheapest TWO-WINTER fix (dual fuel / gas-only / elec-only). SSE - longer fix to beat potential price hikes. Today's cheapest fix is about 5% higher than in May, indicating upward pressure. So we've got a longer fix, meaning you can protect against price hikes for two winters. And it's a good lazy option, as you've longer till you need switch again.

Our 2yr-fix winner is the SSE MSE Collective 2-Year Fixed 2016. Someone with typical use on a Big 6 standard tariff will save £220/yr, or £440 over 2 years (that's if prices don't rise). That's a strong deal over the longer time period. It's capped at 150,000 switches but we're unlikely to hit that for a 2yr fix. So like the other tariffs, you've got 6 more days to grab it. The key facts:

- You get £30 dual-fuel (£15 single-fuel) Cheap Energy Club cashback.
- It's available for dual fuel, gas-only & elec-only, incl Economy 7.
- Pay by monthly direct debit or pricier quarterly cash / cheque / direct debit.
- Leave early and there's a £30 per fuel exit fee (£60 dual fuel).
- Existing SSE customers can get it without paying an exit fee.
- You can't take it with you if you move home.
- The Warm Home Discount is available with this provider.

How it compares for someone with typical usage
Avg price on Ofgem typical dual-fuel direct-debit use (varies by region)

Typical cost: Current avg Big 6 standard tariff: £1,063/yr
MSE Special: SSE 2yr fix: £838/yr + £30 cashback, £30/fuel exit fee
Next cheapest 2yr fix: Places for People: £842/yr - £30/fuel exit fee, no cashback

Get YOUR EXACT PRICE & saving via a full market comparison

- Good for you if: 1) You don't like to switch & often forget - with this you won't need to switch again until 2018. 2) You're worried about future price hikes & prefer long-term certainty.

- Not for you if: 1) You just want the cheapest. 2) You want to switch again without being charged. 3) You're likely to move in the next 2yrs.

- How's customer service? In our May 2016 poll, SSE scored 53% 'great' and 19% 'poor'. Yet as part of our collective we've arranged for it to provide boosted customer service resources for our switch.
• Cheapest GREEN tariff. Bulb renewable tariff - and it pays exit fees for you. If you'll pay a touch more for an environmentally friendly provider, don't worry - you can still save massively over standard tariffs. The winner of our green tariff auction, Bulb Green Electricity + Gas MSE Switch Oct 2017, generates 100% of its elec and (a rare) 10% of gas from renewable sources.

The rate is fixed until 4 Oct 2017 and on typical use saves you £230/yr over a Big 6 standard tariff, and £60/yr over the next best green fix. Plus, if you have exit fees with your current supplier, Bulb is offering to refund these (up to £120) as credit on your Bulb account. Key facts...

- You get £30 dual-fuel (£15 single-fuel) Cheap Energy Club cashback.
- As it's a fix, the rate (not cost, that depends on use) is fixed for 1yr.
- Everyone who switches gets £10 credit on their Bulb account.
- It's available for dual fuel, gas-only & elec-only, incl Economy 7.
- You must opt to pay by monthly direct debit.
- Bulb charges a higher direct debit during your first winter, so you build up credit.
- There are no exit fees. Move home & take the tariff with you.
- The Warm Home Discount is NOT available with this provider.

How it compares for someone with typical usage
Avg price on Ofgem typical dual-fuel direct-debit use (varies by region)

Typical cost: Current avg Big 6 standard tariff: £1,063/yr
MSE Special: Bulb MSE 1yr fix: £834/yr + £30 cashback + £10 credit, no exit fees
Next cheapest green 12mth fix: LoCO2 Energy: £893/yr, £30 cashback, £25/fuel exit fees

Get YOUR EXACT PRICE & saving via a full market comparison

- Good for you if: 1) You want a good deal but will pay a little more for green. 2) You're happy to switch again in a year. 3) You want your exit fees paid.

- Not for you if: 1) You just want the cheapest price. 2) You're with an independent gas transporter (IGT), as Bulb then charges an extra £8.33/mth (£100/yr). 3) You currently get the Warm Home Discount.

- How's customer service? Bulb is a small, new supplier, so we've little feedback on its service - it only got 73 votes in our May 2016 poll, but 95% scored it 'great'. Plus, we've visited it, checked it can handle the web traffic and set up boosted customer service for our switch.
• Cheapest PREPAID tariff - sadly no winner. We tried for a key or card tariff, but no supplier's bid beat the market's best buys, so we wouldn't put our name to it. But use our Prepay Comparison to find your cheapest - many can save £150/yr. However, even on the cheapest you're still paying £200/yr+ more than the top direct-debit deal. See Can I switch to a standard meter?

The MSE Big Switch Event 5 FAQs
For more detailed answers, see the full MSE collective FAQs

Q. Will the collective tariffs always win? Mostly, not always. It depends where you live & your usage; this is why we show you a full comparison.

Q. I'm elec-only - what can I do? You can't get the BG 1yr fix above but our 2-winter and green tariffs allow elec-only. Though if you just want the cheapest deal, our Cheap Energy Club comparison can find your winner from the open market; many can save £100s.

Q. My fix ends soon (incl MSE's Big Switch Event 3), can I do this? Yes, within 49 days of your fix ending your supplier CAN'T charge exit fees.

Q. In Feb I switched to BG in the last collective - should I switch again? Many are asking this. If you're on it, you can switch to the BG 1yr fix and won't pay exit fees - but do a comparison to make sure it's cheaper (it won't be for some). See help if already on BG collective.

Q. I'm eligible for the collective, but can't log in to Cheap Energy Club. Why? You're eligible if you signed up to this email before 8pm on 12 Sep, but you still need to create a Cheap Energy Club account to see the tariffs. If eligible, sign up using the email address we send this email to.

Q. How does Cheap Energy Club work? When you join, 3 things happen:

1) We show your exact price, saving & compare to ALL market tariffs. While our collective tariffs usually win, there are regional & usage variations.
2) You get £30 dual-fuel cashback (£15 single-fuel). Any time we can switch you, you get this - it's sent roughly 60-90 days later.
3) We monitor that it stays cheap. You set a 'trigger saving', eg, £150/yr, then we alert you if you can save this by switching again.

Q. What do I need to switch? A bill - preferably annual - is good, and use kilowatt hours (kWh) rather than cost, if you can. If not, estimate your usage and while the answer won't be perfect, it's normally far better than doing nowt.

Q. Does MSE make money from this? Yes. Like all energy comparisons, we're paid £60ish/dual-fuel switch & give you £30 as cashback. The rest helps cover our costs and hopefully makes us some profit.

Q. I'm locked into a fix - should I switch? Do a comparison and see if you'll save, factoring in exit fees and the length the fix is protecting you from price hikes.

Q. Who's responsible for these tariffs - MSE or the energy firm? The energy firm is, and you pay it. But we take our bit seriously and ask all providers to set up special customer-help teams with max 48-hour response times. If something goes wrong, and it won't help, let us know and we'll try to help.

Q. Are prices likely to get cheaper or rise? While standard prices have been stable now for about six months, in the last six months the price of the cheapest fixes have risen. This is a global market so anything can happen, but currently the mood music is of prices rising.

More quick FAQs:

Q. I'm in credit - will I get it back if I switch? Yes. See Reclaim credit.
Q. I'm in debt - can I switch? Yes, usually - see Switching in debt help.
Q. Can I switch if I'm renting? Yes. See our renters' switching info.
Q. Can I see the standing charge and kWh costs? They vary by region, so we display YOUR exact cost in the Cheap Energy Club comparison result.
Q. Can I switch if I've solar & a feed-in tariff (FIT)? Yes. Solar & FIT info.
Q. I'm on a smart meter. Can I switch? Yes, but you may lose functionality unless you switch from another BG tariff to the BG collective tariff.
Q. Do I keep my Warm Home Discount? It varies - see Warm Home info.
Q. Can I get paper bills? Yes (except Bulb), but for c. £15/yr. See paper bills. You can select this when applying - they'll appear as separate tariffs.
Q. Can I switch if with an independent gas transporter? Yes - see IGT help.
Q. Is paying by direct debit cheapest? Yes, but do regular meter readings.
Q. Can it put my price up on a fix? The rate's fixed, but use more (or if it's estimated you will) & the direct debit can rise. Fight Unfair Direct Debits
Q. I live in NI - why can't I get it? The NI market is separate. We've an NI energy-saving tool coming soon; we'll launch it in this email.

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New. Cheapest-ever loans - 3.3% APR and £50 cashback

Plus protect your credit score by working out which deals you're most likely to get before applying

Debt's like fire - a great tool, but use it badly and you get burnt. So if you're going to need a loan, ensure it's planned, budgeted for and affordable. But the good news is for larger amounts, rates have never been lower. HSBC has just added £50 cashback to its bigger, already cheap loans, making it the new winner. Full info in Cheap Loans, but briefly...

  • LoansLowest rates from £1,000-£15,000. You're credit-checked when applying, so best practice is to use our free Loans quick eligibility calc (or our FULL Credit Club Loans eligibility calc, where you also get a free Credit & Affordability Score) to first find which you've best chance of getting, without hitting your credit file. Plus all personal loans are 'representative APR', so sadly the advertised rate needs to be given ONLY to 51% of those accepted.

    - £7k-£14,999: New. Via this link, HSBC's* 3.3% rep APR + £50 cashback (provided you make your first payment on time) which our calcs show at this level means, if you get that rate, overall it's cheaper than TSB's* 3.2% rep APR (min £7,500), even though it's a higher APR.

    - £5k-£6,999: M&S Bank* (1-7yrs) and Ikano* are both 3.8% rep APR.
    - £3k-£4,999: Zopa's* 4.6%-6.9% rep APR, Ikano* 5.8% rep APR.
    - £2k-£2,999: Zopa's* 6.9%-7.9% rep APR, Hitachi* (min £2,500) 7.4% rep APR. (Credit card loans are often cheaper.)
    - £1k-£1,999: Zopa* is 9.9% rep APR (2-5 yrs), Ikano* 11.9% rep APR. (Credit card loans are often cheaper.)

  • Nationwide customer? Trick to beat the cheapest. Nationwide will beat the interest by 0.5 percentage points for any of its current account customers who get accepted for any bank/building soc loan (not peer-to-peer lenders, eg, Zopa) elsewhere. So a 3.2% loan becomes 2.7% (it doesn't match cashback). See Nationwide loan trick.

  • The Loan Golden Rules.

    a) Only borrow for planned, budgeted-for spending (eg, car); minimise the amount & repay as quickly as you can.
    b) Pay on time or you may get a charge & a credit black-mark (set up a direct debit so you never miss paying).
    c) If you're applying to pay off credit cards, a balance transfer may be cheaper.


Vax up to 75% off clearance sale via code. MSE Blagged. Get first dibs on cut-price vacuums, steam cleaners etc. Last time, loads got big bargains, eg: "New lightweight Vax for £75, saving £245 - thanks." Vax

Ends Thu. Sky b'band & line rent £64 (£184 for fibre) for a YEAR. MSE Blagged. 14k codes left. Last chance for Sky newbies to grab unltd up-to-17Mb b'band on 1yr deal. £10/mth more for faster up-to-38Mb fibre.

Monarch worries - your rights. Amid social media rumours about the airline's stability (which it denies), we discuss what it means if the worst happens. Monarch latest

Cheapest iPhone 7 - Three vs Apple interest-free deals. An iPhone 7 isn't MoneySaving, but if you want one, there are now TWO ways to spread the cost interest-free, which smash contracts. See interest-free iPhone 7 analysis.

Revealed. Parents now expected to pay 27% more towards uni. Due to a big rise in means testing. See hidden uni costs hike & Martin's open letter to Uni Minister asking him to tell parents the truth on what they're expected to pay.

Posh bedding code: £4 for two pillows, £8 double duvet. MSE Blagged. Dept store supplier sells surplus stock at up to 75% off high st prices. Code gets it 25% cheaper. Ends Fri - you snooze, you lose. £3-£13 deliv. Bedding

Want MSE's money tips EVERY day? Up-to-the-minute news, deals, and loopholes on our Facebook & Twitter pages.



- Ralph Lauren 20% off code with free delivery Ends Tue

- 72 winter plug plants £7 (norm £20) Ends Fri

- Tesco Wine £15 off £100 code Ends Sun

- Extra 15% off past-best-before health foods Ends 15 Oct


- 'I got £2,700 back after NHS mis-taxing - thanks MSE'

- £18 hanging baskets and plants bundle (norm £36)

- MSE Blagged: £50 photo canvas for £15 code

- Free Vision Express eye test (norm £25)


Ends Fri: FREE £30 M&S for buying a banana

And get access to a decent 25-month 0% spending card - there's no cheaper way to borrow than for free

We've bagged this great, free £25 + £5 M&S voucher deal for buying almost anything in M&S (even a banana), but if you want it, don't monkey around, as it ends on Friday. Full info and more options in Top 0% Cards - here's key info...

  • M&SvoucherLast chance. Free £30 M&S with 25mth 0% credit card. Accepted new M&S Bank (eligibility calc / apply*) cardholders who apply by 5pm on Fri via this link and spend anything, anywhere on it (even 1p) by Mon 31 Oct, get a £25 M&S voucher. Plus the first time you use it to buy most things at M&S (incl food) you get 500 M&S points, worth £5. So buy an M&S banana and you're £30 up - from any other store it's £25. Then if you want, pay it off, and never use the card again. To be eligible, you can't have held an M&S credit card in the past year.

    Will it affect my credit score? Don't just apply, instead check your chances first via our free eligibility calc (a 70%+ chance is good, 40%+ OK). If you actually apply it leaves a footprint on your file. This is wiped after a year and is usually trivial, unless you make many other applications close together. If you're imminently due to make a big credit application (eg, a mortgage), it's probably not worth it.

    When will the voucher come? It's usually emailed within a few weeks but it's promised by Sun 20 Nov. You must use it by 10 December in store or online on almost anything (see T&Cs). To ensure you get the deal, you need to turn cookie- or ad-blocking software off, so M&S can track that you've come via us.

  • Is the 0% worth using? Be careful with new borrowing, but if you need it, there's no cheaper way than 0% - just ensure it's planned and repayments are budgeted for. The M&S card gives 1pt per £1 spent on it in M&S, or £5 spent elsewhere, so if you can repay within the 25mths, it's a good deal. But it's a touch shorter than the current table-toppers: Tesco Bank's up to 28 mths 0% (apply) and Sainsbury's 27mths 0% (eligibility calc / apply*), which also give rewards.

  • 0% Spending Golden Rules. Full help & best buys in 0% Spending Cards (APR Examples) - in brief:

    a) Never miss paying at least the monthly min or you can lose the 0% (and stick within your credit limit).
    b) Plan to clear the cards (or balance-transfer) before the 0% ends or the interest rates jump to 18.9% APR.
    c) These cards are usually ONLY cheap for spending. Avoid for balance transfers / cash w'drawals.


Tesco Wine code: £15 off £100, works on sale items. MSE Blagged. We've 5,000 Tesco Wine* codes for new and existing custs. Enter XXTYLT by Sun (or till codes run out). Full info: Wine Deals. Pls be Drinkaware.

72 winter plug plants £7 (norm £20). MSE Blagged. Random incl pansy & primrose. Ends Fri. Thompson & Morgan

Ralph Lauren 20% off code, eg, £75 polo shirt £60. We've also blagged free deliv (norm £10). Ends Tue. Ralph

'As my mum cared for someone with dementia she got £3k+ council tax back.' 10,000s who live or have lived with someone since 1993 with 'severe mental impairment' may be able to reclaim & get future bills cut. See Council tax reclaim help.


£71 Smashbox beauty set £30 all-in. Boots 'Star Gifts' back from Fri - good for Xmas. Incl lipstick & mascara. Boots

10,000 FREE £14 Grand Designs Live tickets. At Birmingham's NEC (19-23 Oct). Free Grand Designs tix


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Cash is dead - so ALWAYS pay by plastic

Credit & debit cards smash cash for protection - they're a hidden weapon in your pocket (oo-er)

It used to be said that cash is king. But if something goes wrong you've nothing like the protection you get from a card. We've always told you about credit card protection under Section 75, but debit cards also provide a lesser-known shield against dodgy goods, retailers collapsing or AWOL deliveries via chargeback. Here's the lowdown...

  • ChargebackThe hidden chargeback scheme. Unlike Section 75, chargeback is not a legal requirement but a customer service promise. Yet it works on credit AND debit cards.

    - It covers non-receipt of any purchase, faults & more. See ALL chargeback coverage.
    - You're covered for almost any sum (Mastercard £10 min). See chargeback limits.
    - You must claim within 120 days of finding an issue. With rare exceptions - see deadlines.
    - You MUST try the retailer first. Chargeback's only for when you hit a dead end. Help & free template letters

  • 'I got £1,500 back via chargeback after Lowcostholidays' collapse.' Chargeback's been particularly successful after the travel firm went bust in July. We've heard from scores of you rescued by it, with many payouts arriving within just a few days.

    Phil emailed: "Got £1,510 from NatWest after Lowcostholidays' liquidation. I used your chargeback letter. Thanks."

    As did Victoria: "Received £1,400 from Lowcostholidays booking. TSB paid in 5 days - can't thank you enough."

  • Does chargeback replace Section 75? Section 75 is more powerful for credit cards as it's a legal requirement and it's easier to claim on faulty goods. It works for any purchases from £100-£30k. Plus even if you pay just a 1p deposit you could claim the whole lot back - see full Section 75 help & template letters. But chargeback is a VERY useful back-up as it works on debit cards and on virtually any amount.


Buy cheap stolen goods & 21 other life hacks. Free roaming in 42 destinations, Amazon delivery trick & more. Quick MoneySavers

SUCCESS OF THE WEEK: (Send us yours on this or any topic)
"I've made numerous calls to Concentrix only to be told nothing. So I took Martin's advice and went to my MP - I then got a call to say my tax credits claim is sorted. Thanks." If you've had tax credits wrongly stopped, see our Concentrix help tips.

EXTRA 15% off code on already discounted beyond best-before-date health foods, eg, 26p coconut water. MSE Blagged. Safe to eat, ltd stock. Full explanation in Love Health Hate Waste.



At what age should kids be given their own mobile? Perhaps you think they're a tool that allows kids more freedom. Or are they just another digital distraction? So how old do you think they should be before they get one?

Vote in the mobile phone poll

Penny for your thoughts... In last week's poll, we asked if the 1p coin should be scrapped. It appears you're torn, as 51% voted yes and 40% wanted to keep it. See full 1p poll results.



- Top story: HMRC clarifies you only get a Concentrix lump sum if all tax credits were stopped

- Lloyds and Halifax contactless fraud procedures 'under review' after MSE reveals security flaw

- Three takes on Apple with rival interest-free iPhone 7 deal

- 500 million Yahoo user accounts hacked - what to do to protect yourself

- 'Super-complaint' submitted to regulator over protection for victims of bank transfer scams

- Morrisons first 'big four' supermarket to offer 10% discount for uni students

- Npower worst energy supplier at dealing with customer complaints, Ofgem reveals



I've left uni - should I still use my student card? I graduated in the summer, but my student card has a much longer expiry date and I've been able to get discounts in a few places since. Enter the Money Moral Maze: Should I continue using my student card? | Suggest an MMD | View past MMDs

- Debt-Free Wannabe chat of the week: Should we add extra cash to pension fund?
- Competitions thread of the week: Win a tranquil two-night spa in North Yorkshire
- Old-style board thread of the week: Duvet dilemma
- Discussion of the week: First-birthday present ideas


- Dear Jo Johnson: Minister, it's time to tell parents the truth about what you expect them to pay towards university costs


- How to beat Luton Airport's sky-high £2 luggage trolley fee

- What's your worst customer service cock-up? Can you beat Sky's lack of common sense and communication?



Thu 29 Sep - Good Morning Britain, ITV, Deals of the Week, 7.40am. View previous
Fri 30 Sep - This Morning, ITV, Martin's Quick Deals, from 10.30am. View previous


Wed 28 Sep - Share Radio, 11.20am
Thu 29 Sep - BBC Radio Manchester, 4.50pm
Tue 4 Oct - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, 2.20pm



Q: I hear a lot about switching banks and that they will 'do it all' for you. When you change will they also tell the people paying into your old account (ie, those paying my wages, pension etc)? Dave, via email.

MSE Rosie's A: Yes, as long as your old and new bank are signed up to the Current Account Switch Service (virtually all are). Your new bank will arrange for any payments going into your old account to be redirected for a minimum of three years, plus it'll contact the sender and give them your new details to be updated.

That said, for something as important as your wages, it's worth double-checking with your employer, and they may check with you that the new details they've been given are correct. For more on switching & top deals, see Best Bank Accounts.

Please suggest a question of the week (we can't reply to individual emails).


'I'm 52 and I've had great fun with toy guns & I play scary monsters'

That's it for this week, but before we go, check out this thread from the forum: When are you a grown-up? Our forumites discuss when they started to feel that way - with one 73-year-old wondering if they are even there yet. Was it marriage, a mortgage or just outgrowing a beloved mini-skirt?

We hope you save some money,
The MSE team

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