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  • MoneySavingExpert Eligibility Rating

    MoneySavingExpert Eligibility Rating

    A unique new measure of what really counts… Will you actually be accepted by lenders? This combines your credit and affordability scores with current market conditions to check if your rating is strong enough.

  • TransUnion Credit Score

    TransUnion Credit Score

    The traditional credit score, assessing how a typical lender would see you based on what’s in your credit file.

  • MoneySavingExpert Affordability Score

    MoneySavingExpert Affordability Score

    Lenders don’t just check your credit report, they also look at whether you can afford to repay too, so here we analyse your income and expenditure the way lenders do.

  • TransUnion Credit Report

    TransUnion Credit Report

    Your financial CV, a record of all your current credit relationships, it’s important to check it’s accurate.

  • Credit card & loan eligibility

    Credit card & loan eligibility

    See how likely you are to get the top deals, without having to apply, therefore protecting your credit score.

  • Your key credit insight

    Your key credit insights

    What factors are impacting how you currently look to lenders, and how to make yourself more financially fanciable.

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Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis,
founder of

“Too many places portray your credit score as the be-all and end-all. It isn’t. It’s just an example of how a lender may assess your credit history Each lender scores you differently based on its own profitability wish list, and factors not on your credit file, such as your income.

That’s why I have introduced, and we lead on, the MSE Eligibility Rating, which shows the big picture… when all is taken into account, if you need to borrow, will lenders accept you (& how to improve your chances of them saying YES).”

Martin Lewis,founder of

  • Things you’re doing well

    Things you're doing well
  • Things you could improve

    Things to work on

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