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Terms and Conditions of Use

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Legal Team

Updated March 2017

1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to and our related applications (our "Site"). Our Site is owned and operated by Limited ('we', 'us' or 'our') and was founded by its Executive Chairman Martin Lewis, the MoneySaving broadcaster and journalist.

1.2 Please read these terms and conditions of use ("Terms") before using our Site. By using our Site you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms. If you don't wish to be bound by what you read below, you shouldn't use

1.3 We may make changes to these Terms at any time. We will let you know what these changes are by posting them to this page, but it is your responsibility as a user to make sure that you are aware of them, by checking for any changes on a regular basis. Changes will become effective as soon as they are posted. If you continue to use our Site after the posting of changes to these Terms, it means that you accept any such changes.

2. What we do

Our Site is all about sharing information on MoneySaving. We provide regularly updated general information, tools and services with our views on how to save money. After each article you'll find a link to discuss the articles with other users – plus our Forum is full of people sharing tips, hints and information on how to save money. The information that you read on our Site is a great starting point for your further research into what suits your particular MoneySaving requirements.

3. What we don't do

Our information does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by us and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific investment or other decisions. If we mention companies on our Site, we usually do so because of their attractive offers. As general policy we don't vet them on customer service or investigate their solvency (how likely they are to go bust). Given that the impact of any information expressed on our Site can vary widely based on your particular circumstances, you should always carry out your own research into the product that is of interest to you.

4. Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy to see how we manage the information you share with us.

5. Links

5.1 Our Site does include details on, or links through to, information provided by other websites. We don't control the accuracy or completeness of that information. You take full responsibility for using that information and verifying it and for any decision to use, purchase or refrain from purchasing any of the services or products mentioned on a linked site. If you do purchase products or services from another website please read their contract carefully before deciding to buy. Remember, your contract for those products or services will be with them, not us.

5.2 When you use other websites, any personal information you give them will be dealt with in line with their privacy policies, not ours, so please read the privacy policies of each and every such website before using them!

5.3 Some of the links included on our Site are affiliated links. These are links which take you directly or indirectly to a financial product provider and which may result in us receiving a fee or commission as a consequence of you clicking through to their site or purchasing a product from them. However, as our How This Site is Financed section makes clear, our independence is paramount to us and our selection of links is not influenced by any fee/commission received by financial providers.

5.4 You are welcome to link to our Site if you comply with the terms set out in this clause and all applicable laws. Any site or service that links to our Site:

5.4.1 mustn't otherwise use any of our trade marks or logos without our written consent;

5.4.2 may link only to our homepage if we have given you our prior written consent;

5.4.3 mustn't in any way imply that we are endorsing it or its products or services;

5.4.4 mustn't misrepresent its relationship with us or present false information about us;

5.4.5 mustn't infringe any intellectual property or other rights of any person or otherwise not comply with all relevant laws and regulations;

5.4.6 mustn't contain content that could be considered distasteful or offensive.
If you breach these terms, then we have the right to require that your link is removed and to take whatever other action we think appropriate.

6. Our content

6.1 All of the content on our Site is owned by us or our licensors and is protected by English and international copyright laws.

6.2 Our content includes any information or other material found on, including tools, Forum, articles, databases, graphics, software and all other features of our Site. You are allowed to use our content for personal, non-commercial use only. You may make one copy of extracts from this Site on any single computer for personal, individual use only, provided that all copyright and proprietary notices are kept intact. Apart from that, none of our content may be republished, posted, transmitted, stored, sold, distributed or modified without our prior written consent.

6.3 The trade marks 'MoneySavingExpert', 'Money Saving Expert', 'MSE', '', ' Cheap Energy Club' and ' Credit Club' among others, are owned by either Limited or Group PLC. The trade mark 'Martin Lewis' together with Martin Lewis' image are owned by Martin personally. All other brand names and trade marks that appear on this Site are trade marks or trade names of their respective holders. No permission is given to use of any of these brands or marks and any such use may constitute an infringement of the holders' rights.

7. Your content

You own any copyright in the text that you post to our Forum. However, when you post text, you expressly grant us a perpetual, unlimited free licence to republish that text on our Site and to redistribute/make available and/or sell that text in print or electronic form anywhere in the world as part of an edited compilation or otherwise. We may automatically track certain contextual links in your Forum posts, whether through Skimlinks or through our own technology. See our Skimlinks & affiliated links factsheet for more details.

8. Forum/ Social Media

8.1 We encourage debate and the sharing of information between our users. However, we do require that your use of our Forum, Social Media and any other communication systems that we provide is lawful and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and our Forum Rules.

8.2 You may not use the Forum, Social Media or any other communication systems for any illegal purpose and in particular you may not:

8.2.1 post or transmit material that infringes the intellectual property or other rights of others, or post or transmit any material that contains extremist views, appears to incite or promote terrorist activities, is unlawful, obscene, libellous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or embarrassing to any other person as determined by us in our sole discretion;

8.2.2 post or transmit advertisements for or solicitations of business (whether openly, or under the false guise of an unconnected party);

8.2.3 after receiving a warning, continue to disrupt the normal flow of dialogue, or post or transmit comments that are not related to the topic being discussed;

8.2.4 post or transmit chain letters or pyramid schemes;

8.2.5 impersonate another person;

8.2.6 disguise the IP address of the connection used to post any message;

8.2.7 post or transmit any files containing viruses or other harmful computer code;

8.2.8 harvest or otherwise collect or use information about others, including email addresses, without their explicit consent;

8.2.9 allow any other person or entity to use your identification for posting or viewing comments or for communicating with other users;

8.2.10 post the same note more than once or 'spam';

8.2.11 knowingly post untrue information about another person or business with the intention of harming their reputation or livelihood;

8.2.12 engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying these areas of our Site, or which, in our judgement, exposes us to any liability or detriment of any type;

8.2.13 intentionally make false or misleading statements about investments, their price or their prospects. If you do, you may be committing a criminal offence;

8.2.14 post either intentionally or otherwise, any material that could have the effect of manipulating the market value of any investment. This may be a criminal offence; or

8.2.15 give investment advice by way of business or make financial promotions.

8.3 Please note that any posting of information in the Forum, Social Media or any other communications system is the opinion of the person posting only and in no way reflects our opinions or attitudes. Although we believe we have an amazing Forum with a huge wealth of information of benefit to many users, you must remember that we operate an open forum and sometimes messages are posted that are misleading, deceptive, or downright wrong. You should not therefore rely on information being accurate or complete. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

8.4 We don't monitor the use of the Forum, Social Media or any other communications systems, so we rely on you to inform us if you spot any abuse or inappropriate behaviour, in which case we will review specific postings or messages. If you become aware of postings or receive messages that contain extremist views or appear to incite or promote terrorist activities, please contact us at

If you feel you have been threatened or damaged or if you believe any infringement of your rights may have occurred through our Site, please contact us at

8.5. If you believe that any content on our Site is defamatory of you or your business, please inform us, using either the "report" button by the post in question or by emailing us at, including the following information:

8.5.1 your name and email address;

8.5.2 where on our Site the statement was posted (please include a link);

8.5.3 what the statement says and why you think it's defamatory of you;

8.5.4 what aspects of the statement are factually inaccurate;

8.5.5 what meaning you give to the statement;

8.5.6 confirmation that you don't have enough information about the user who wrote the post to pursue them directly;

8.5.7 whether we can provide your name and email address to the user who wrote the post.

8.6 We reserve the right (but we are not obliged) to do any or all of the following:

8.6.1 record the communications in Forum, Social Media and any other comms systems;

8.6.2 investigate a claim that any one or more communications does not conform to the terms of this clause 8 and determine in our sole discretion to remove or request the removal of the communication(s);

8.6.3 remove without notice communications which are abusive, illegal, contain extremist views, discuss or promote terrorist activities or are disruptive, or otherwise fail to conform with these Terms;

8.6.4 terminate a user's access to post messages to any or all of these areas;

8.6.5 monitor, edit, or disclose any communication in these areas;

8.6.6 edit or remove any communication(s) posted on our website, regardless of whether such communication(s) breaches these Terms;

8.7 You must not use the Forum to argue about any decision of our Forum Team.

8.8 Any decision we make to remove or request the removal of any communication or to terminate or suspend the posting privileges of any user of the Forum shall be final and binding. The termination or suspension of posting privileges shall apply to any and all user accounts that may have been used by that person, whether or not opened by that person.

8.9 If you are notified that your posting privileges have been suspended or terminated, you will not attempt to reregister as a user of the Forum or make any posts on it in any guise whatsoever.

8.10 When former users whose posting privileges have been removed reregister or otherwise disrupt the Forum, this spoils the Forum and can cause severe distress or disturbance to other users. Dealing with the unwanted posts of former users distracts us from the core purpose of the Site and ties up management and technician time. Therefore in such circumstances we reserve the right to:

8.10.1 report offenders to their ISP;

8.10.2 charge offenders for the administrative costs of identifying and removing their posts at the rate of £40 per hour necessarily spent plus any external costs that we incur;

8.10.3 take legal action to recover these costs;

8.10.4 report offenders to the authorities if their actions appear to amount to a breach of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 or any other relevant criminal legislation.

9. MSE Personalised Tools

We offer a number of MoneySaving personalised tools, including BudgetBrain, Cheap Energy Club, Credit Club, Eligibility tools and any other personalised tools that we may launch from time to time ("MSE Personalised Tools").

9.1 BudgetBrain

9.1.1 Our BudgetBrain tool analyses your finances and helps allow you to manage and control your finances.

9.2 Cheap Energy Club

9.2.1 Our Cheap Energy Club service allows you to search for and compare various types of domestic energy products from different product providers in England, Scotland and Wales, using MoneySupermarket energy tariff data.

9.2.2 The comparison data will be based on the information you have provided, so will only be as accurate as the details you give. We will run frequent searches against energy tariff data (usually monthly) using this information and will contact you if your energy savings target is triggered.

9.2.3 provides the energy comparison service, handles all provider switches, and processes all cashback due in connection with switches (where applicable). Cashback T&Cs apply – please see

9.2.4 Occasionally we'll also contact you (via email) to let you know about energy consumer news, exclusive tariffs, or collective switches we are running.

9.3 Credit Club

9.3.1 Our Credit Club service allows you to view your Experian Credit Score, plus find out your affordability for different types of credit, plus your Credit Hit Rate – how many of the top loans and cards you'll actually get. It also gives tips on how to boost your credit score.

9.3.2 The data you give us will be used to verify your identity with Experian. Your affordability and eligibility results will also be partly based on the information you give us (and partly based on your Experian Credit Report). We will use this data to update your eligibility scores, update your Experian Credit Score and provide insight and recommendations.

9.3.3 The Credit Club services have been built in partnership with Experian Ltd ("Experian") a UK credit reference agency. By submitting your details, you are consenting to Experian using them. For further information about how your details will be used please read the rest of these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and Experian's terms and conditions here.

9.4 Eligibility Tools

9.4.1 Our Eligibility Tools match your data to the criteria companies are looking for to see your chances of successfully obtaining a particular product such as a credit card or loans.

9.4.2 These tools have been built in partnership with HD Decisions – an Experian business ("HD") in conjunction with from time to time Capital One plc and the following UK credit reference agencies: Callcredit Limited ("Callcredit"), Equifax Limited ("Equifax") and Experian Ltd ("Experian"). By submitting your details, you are consenting to HD passing them to Callcredit, Equifax and/or Experian. For further information about how your details will be used please read the rest of these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy, Capital One’s terms and conditions and HD's terms and conditions.

For further information on all the MSE Personalised Tools, please see our Privacy Policy

10. Collaboration with Resolvercouk Limited

We are working with Resolvercouk Limited (a subsidiary of Resolving Limited) to enable users to resolve complaints against third party providers using the complaint resolution service website For further information about our collaboration with Resolvercouk Limited please see our Privacy Policy

11. Disclaimer of warranties and liability

11.1 We provide our Site in good faith but we can't and don't warrant the completeness, truth or accuracy of the information or other content or postings found on our Site, or their usefulness for any particular purpose. You acknowledge and agree that you bear full responsibility for your own MoneySaving research and decisions and that we shall not be liable for any action that you or others take or don't take based on your use of or reliance on information provided by us or other users of our Site.

11.2 Before you apply for any products via our Site and in particular the MSE Personalised Tools, it is very important you (i) carefully read the terms and conditions of the product, the product provider's terms and conditions and any other terms applicable to the product; (ii) check all the information held by the product provider about you to ensure it is correct, complete and accurate. It is your responsibility to (i) ensure the product matches your requirements and that you agree to the terms and conditions of the product before you apply for it; and (ii) identify and correct any mistakes or errors in the information about you held by the product provider before you apply for any product. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage you may suffer or incur: (i) in the event that any product you apply for does not meet your requirements, or is not suitable for you; or (ii) if any information about you held by the product provider is not correct, complete and accurate; or (iii) if it is misleading, or if you have failed to disclose all relevant facts. If you are in any doubt as to whether any information is relevant or required to be disclosed, or that something may be incorrect, you should disclose it to your proposed provider before you apply for the product.

11.3 We don't promise that your access to our Site, or its content will be delivered uninterrupted, timely or error-free, or that the Site will be free from viruses or other harmful properties. It's your responsibility to implement satisfactory safeguards and procedures to make sure any files you obtain through our Site are free from such contaminations or other harmful properties.

11.4 The effect of what is set out here is that you agree that under no circumstances will we be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or other type loss or injury resulting from your use, or downloading of any content on our Site.

12. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our directors, officers, employees and licensors from and against any claim, liability, cost, damage or loss we may incur (including reasonable legal fees) as a result of any material that you post or transmit on our Forum, Social Media or via any other communications systems, any actions you take which disrupt access to and/or the functioning of our Site or any breach by you of your obligations under these Terms.

13. General

13.1 If any of these provisions is deemed invalid, void or unenforceable that provision will be deemed severable from the rest and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

13.2 Our Site is directed to users in England and Wales only unless otherwise specified for specific items posted on the Site.

13.3 These Terms shall be governed by the laws of England and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the Courts of England.

14. Changes

These Terms were published on 2 March 2017 and replace with immediate effect the Terms previously published on 14 November 2016.

15. Contact us

Our Site is owned and operated by Limited
Registered office: 19-22 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HY.
Registered in England & Wales with number 8021764
Registered VAT number: 143018547

If you have any questions about our Site or these Terms and Conditions, please contact us in writing at, 19-22 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1HY.

Posted: 2 March 2017

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