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University Parental Contribution Calculator

How much the government expects you to contribute to your child's student maintenance loan. Child not at uni yet? Use our How much should you save calc.


  • This is about your child's student living costs, NOT their tuition fees.
  • The parental contribution varies depending on where you, the parent(s), usually live.
  • For more info, read Martin's full parental contribution briefing.

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About your household

Where do you live?

The amount of parental contribution needed varies depending on where you, the parent(s), live.

Where does (or will) your child live when they’re at uni?

About your child's course

Course length
Child not starting their course yet?
Use our parental contribution How much should I save calculator instead.

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Painting the picture

This is an estimate - we've made some assumptions...

Predicting future costs is never easy, yet unless the system changes radically, we hope this will be in the right ballpark. Though of course your own income and circumstances can change too. So see this more as help to understand the scales of magnitude of the money you'll need. The two most important things to understand are…

  • For simplicity, we've not included inflation.

    So all amounts are based in current money - rather than future prices. However, to balance that out, we also haven't included interest in the savings, which should mitigate some of the impact of inflation.

  • Student loan terms could change in future.

    For example, the minimum household-income band is likely to change, along with the maximum loans available, but as we don't know by how much (and we can't even predict it), we can't factor that in.

We hope that by providing this calculation, it at least gets you thinking about how to prepare your finances for this possible future cost.

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