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Contacts for site users is used by millions of users each month, so it isn't possible for Martin or ourselves to respond to individual queries and give advice based on your own personal circumstances. We do have a number of site FAQs which may be helpful, and you can take a look here:

If you have a specific query relating to our site tools and clubs, or you have a story to share with us, you can contact the relevant team using the details below.

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You can share your story emailing

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Tell us about the problem at  

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Let the team know at  

Have a question about the MoneySavingExpert Forum?

If our MSE Forum FAQs don’t answer your query, you can contact the team at    

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Has your MSE Blagged voucher or cashback not arrived?

If your voucher hasn’t arrived, contact us at and please include your full name, order date, order reference & email you signed up with. We’ll pass these onto the relevant company to sort but do check the T&Cs first to ensure you're due the voucher now.

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For personal data requests please email

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Important! Neither the MSE team or Martin is be able to help with advice on specific issues or answer questions about how information on our site relates to your particular circumstances.

However, if your query isn't personal and none of the email addresses above are relevant, please email and our team will answer as many emails as possible.

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Have a question about the MoneySavingExpert Forum?
The MSE Forum

Want to suggest a voucher/deal from your company?
Contact the Deals Team

Got a story for MSE News? 
Tell us about a money-related news story

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Non-media enquiries WON'T be replied to.

How do I get added to the MSE press release distribution list?
Get MSE press releases (only for genuine members of the media)

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Martin / MoneySavingExpert Press Team

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Contact Martin's agent

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