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How to decide when and how to remortgage

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First-time Buyers

How to secure your first mortgage

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First-Time Buyers Best Buys

Speedily find your deal with our mortgage comparison tool

First-time buyers

Stamp Duty Calculator

Plus full Q&A on stamp duty land tax

Mortgages & Homes

Moving home

Full help when moving home

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Managing Your Mortgage

How to manage your mortgage

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Household Bills

How to manage your household bills

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Mortgages & homes

Are you a first-time buyer? Use our helpful First-Time Buyers' Guide for top tips on boosting your mortgage chances, different mortgage types, the fees you'll likely pay and much more information.

Looking to remortgage? Our free Remortgage Guide helps you weigh up whether remortgaging is the right option for you, discusses ways of getting the best deals and explains how to lock in a deal early.

We've also got other guides on stamp duty and a Buying A Home Timeline guide, but if you want to jump straight into comparing mortgages then check out our Mortgage Best Buys tool. We also have several mortgage calculators to help you crunch the numbers.

Moving home? See our top tips in the How To Sell Your Property guide.