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English and starting university in 2023/24?

You'll be on a new 'Plan 5' loan - the biggest change in student finance for a decade. On the surface it looks like a tweak, in practice it will increase the cost by more than 50% for many students. We take you through what you need to know.

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Not English? Your student loan works differently

It's about where you're from, NOT where you go to uni:

Not a new starter? See Which plan am I on?

University Parental Contribution Calculator

Our calculator shows how much the government expects parents to contribute to their child’s student maintenance loan to cover their university living costs. In a nutshell...

  • The size of the maintenance loan is based on household income.
  • The system assumes parents will fill the gap, but this isn't made explicit.
  • The parental contribution varies depending on where you live.

Use our Parental Contribution Calculator

Best student bank accounts

Free 0% overdrafts, free railcards and free cash – banks love to reel in new students with goodies...

Our student bank accounts guide takes you through the 5 need-to-knows before giving you a run down of the top student bank accounts for 2023/24.

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Student budgeting tips

There's LOTS to think about when going to university, but thinking about how you're going to make your money stretch and budgeting properly should be a TOP priority.

We've got our Student budgeting planner and Student MoneySaving tips to help you get started, then read...

50+ tips on how to stretch your student loan

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