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Savings Accounts

Our banking and savings section takes you through all you need to know whatever you are looking to do with your money.

There are various types of bank accounts and we have guides on everything from current accounts with switch offers or other incentives, to student accounts, app-based accounts and packaged accounts, and help you decide which is best for you.

Many banks and building societies offer switching incentives to new customers and you can often earn about £100 in cash or shopping vouchers – our Best Bank Accounts guide explains it all and compares the best buys. If you're looking for a packaged bank account, you could save £100s off the cost of breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile insurance for you and your family. There's also been a wave of banking and savings apps in recent years which can give you a helping hand with budgeting, saving and managing your cash – we take you through all the best buys and explain the pros and cons in our App-Based Banking guide.

If you have money to save and are looking for the best home for your cash, we explain the different savings accounts and reveal the current top rates. Some accounts have variable rates and let you make withdrawals, while others are fixed, meaning you can't access your money for a set amount of time. But don't just go for the highest headline rate without first examining how the account works and what the alternatives are. We guide you through the top savings accounts, children's savings accounts, app-based savings accounts and regular savings accounts.

In this section we also have a number of guides outlining the different types of ISA available and the differences between them. These include cash ISAs, stocks & shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs and innovative finance ISAs.